Monday, December 19, 2011

Elvis Presley and America

I used to love U2. It was a big day – a humid, windy, overcast day – when, after school, I got to ride my bike across town to the shopping mall on the day of release for U2’s “The Unforgettable Fire.” I was 14. Early surprise favorite was of course, “Bad,” as well as “A Sort of Homecoming.” But there was this other, odd, song – the longest song – on the B-side called “Elvis Presley and America.” It had no verse, it had no chorus, it just kept going, and changing as it went. The story goes, it was just U2 improvising in the studio with Brian Eno. This was the first record U2 had done with Eno and Lanios. And, although I didn’t love it, I certainly didn’t hate it either. It intrigued me. I tried to figure out the words – most of Bono’s lyrics were pretty hard to figure out at this time if they weren’t printed out on a lyric sheet (like the next, breakthrough album would provide), and – truth be told – probably better off that they’re shrouded in mystery, and, anyway, I never really figured out much from this track. Through the years of liking U2 less and less, this song, “Elvis Presley and America” still gets me. It’s obviously the most free, loose, risky (why not save this for a B-side? what’s this doing on the album?) and dare I say “out there” U2 had ever been or would ever be again. Bono sounds like he’s just waking up, and The Edge is strumming chords – which he never does – channeling something from somewhere else, just rolling and rolling, and just when it sounds like the wheels are falling off in the mucky bog, the sun breaks out and Edge and Bono victoriously come together for what has to be their most experimental song to this day. Although songs like “With or Without You” or “One” are still capable of giving you chills, “Elvis Presley and America” has to be U2’s most magical piece of music ever recorded.


Spiritualized – sweet heart sweet light (fat possum [US]/domino/double six [UK]) mar 2012
Altar eagle – nightrunners (type) 2012
Sic alps – vedley 7” (dc 508)
Windy & carl – we will always be (krank 163)
Mike harding – repaired/replaced 7” (ts 013)
Biosphere – mysterier 7” (ts 011)
Oren ambarchi – audience of one (to 083)

New this week:

Maria Minerva - Sacred & Profane Love 12" (SILK 013EP)
howling hex - Wilson Semiconductors CD (DC 501CD)
graham lambkin - Amateur Doubles LP (KYE 015LP)
Geoff mullen - Accidental Guitars LP (REL 018LP)
Guided by voices – doughnut for a snowman (fire) dec 2011
ryan Elliott - Kicking Up 12" (SPC 106EP)
Refractor – locus suspectus (under the spire) dec 2011
Xela – exorcism (learnwithxela) dec 2011
Flower / Corsano / Hejnowski – The Count Visits (Hot Cars Warp/Flowerhouse Records 14/03) dec 2011
Demdike stare – elemental pts. 1 & 2 of a 4 part set 2x12” (modern love) December 2011


Wooden wand and the briarwood virgins – briarwood (fire) nov 2011
Sculpture – toad blinker (dekorder 58) October 2011
Andrew pekler – sentimental favourites (dekorder 061) nov 2011
Pete swanson – man with garbage (type 102) bonus CD w/ “Man with Potential” (type 101v) nov 2011
Jefre cantu-ledesma – conversations with myself (no label) jun 2011
Pole – waldgeschichten 2 (pole) dec 2011
Jérôme Noetinger & Will Guthrie - Face Off (Erstwhile 064) nov 2011
Xela – exorcism (learnwithxela) dec 2011
Alog – unemployed (rune grammofon 2116) dec 2011
Efdemin – Chicago remixes 2 (dial 61) dec 2011
Terranova – so strong (kom 246ep) dec 2011
Jakob olausson – morning & sunrise (destijl 97) dec 2011
Bvdub – then (ay, JAP) dec 2011
Heatsick – intersex (pan 19) nov 2011
Lawrence – kurama 12” (pampa) dec 2011

Older stuff:

Panda bear – surfer’s hymn (actress rmx) ltd. Single-sided 12” (kompakt) jul 2011
Derek rogers – populist context (goldtimers 011) june 2011
Derek rogers – the exhaustion of emotion (Bridgetown 44) jun 2011
Derek rogers – concealed weapon (calypso hum 14) oct 2010
Six organs of admittance – maria kapel (pavilion 10) may 2011
Richard skelton – black combe (sustain-release _ Aeolian editions) sept 2011
Xela – dunwich dreams 7” (life like) sept 2011
War on drugs, the – slave ambient (secretly Canadian) aug 2011
War on drugs, the – future weather ep (secretly Canadian) oct 2010
Concern – living wage (digitalis ltd. 220) aug 2011
Derek rogers – relative quiet (bathetic 43) aug 2011
imaginary softwoods - the path of spectrolite (amethyst sunset 013) aug 2011


Short's the Wizard
Short's the Liberator

Friday, December 2, 2011

Down Colorful Hill

Only one snowfall so far, Nov. 17th. Since then the ground has not been covered in white. Had a good Thanksgiving with little travel. Still looking forward to things missed (extra tracks from Blues Control and Laraaji, Pete Swanson's bonus disc, "Man with Garbage," Wooden Wand's "Briarwood," Concern's "Living Wage," new Sean McCanns (Experimedia & Amethyst Sunset), William Folwer Collins on Type, Bryter Layter & Mike Shiflet on Students of Decay) as well as one or two surprise releases before year end.


Peaking lights – 936 remixes 12” (100% silk 014ep)
Starving weirdos – land lines (amish 044)
Sean mccann – (amethyst sunset)

New this week:

Greg Kelley / Olivia block – resolution (erstwhile) nov 2011 (mimaroglu best of 2011)
Jerome noetinger / will Guthrie – face off (erstwhile) nov 2011

Missed (still interested):

Wolfgang voigt – kafkatrax w/ ruckverzauberung 4 CD (profan) oct 2011
Pete swanson – man w/ garbage (bonus disc w/ man w/ potential LP) (type 101v) nov 2011
1958 – 2009 – LP (amethyst sunset) sept 2011


Minamo – documental (room40) oct 2011
Eleh – floating frequencies _ intuitive synthesis 3CD (important 344) sept 2011
Naph + chehei hatakeyama – air (whereabouts CD6) oct 2011
Pete swanson – man w/ potential (type 101) nov 2011
No ufo’s – soft coast (spectrum spools 11) nov 2011 FROM JESSE POSS. DISCREPANCIES
Astral social club – generator breaker (dekorder 055) sept 2011
Robag wruhme – donnerkuppel (kompakt 233) nov 2011
John wiese – seven of wands (pan 22) nov 2011
ensemble economique - crossing the pass, by torchlight (dekorder 060) nov 2011
Blues Control & Laraaji - FRKWYS Vol. 8 (RVNG Intl.) nov 2011
Vladislav delay – Vantaa (raster noton 136) nov 2011
Harmonizer – world complete 12” (software) sept 2011
Sistol_Pole – the synth remixes (slices of life 2) oct 2011
Mark fell – periodic orbits of a dynamic system related to a knot (eMego 133) nov 2011
Steven Hess & christopher mcfall – the inescapable fox (under the spire) oct 2011
greg kelley & olivia block - resolution (esrtwhile 063) november 2011

Older stuff:

Oren ambarchi – stacte (jerker SKUN-3) 1998
Oren ambarchi – stacte.2 (jerker SKUN-5) 1999

Monday, November 14, 2011

Everything Merges with the Night


Blues control & laraaji – FRKWYS v.8 (rvng int’l.) nov 2011
Ensemble economique – crossing the pass, by torchlight LP (dekorder 60) nov 2011
Andrew pekler – sentimental favourites (dekorder 61) nov 2011
Howling hex – wilson semiconductors (drag city 501) dec 2011

New this week:

Wooden wand & the briarwood virgins – briarwood (mad monk) nov 2011
Eleh - Floating Frequencies/Intuitive Synthesis (Important - IMPREC 344) TRPL.CD nov 2011

Missed (still interested):

Stephan mathieu - Flags Cassette (TTW 037CS) oct 2011
Concern – living wage cs (digitalis) oct 2011


Mazzy star – common burn b/w lay myself down 7” (rhymes of an hour) nov 2011
Michael Flower & Neil Campbell - Featuring John Godbert 2xcs (Golden Lab Records 25)
2xCassette october 2011
Robert lippok – redsuperstructure (raster-noton) nov 2011
Chris Watson – el tren fantasma (touch 42) oct 2011
Josephine – you are perfect today (digitalis) oct 2011
David Wenngren & Christopher Bissonnette – The Meridians of Longitude and Parallels of Latitude (home normal 30) nov 2011
200 years – 200 years (drag city 467) nov 2011
Coma – gravity (kompakt 236) nov 2011
Steve hauschildt – tragedy & geometry (kranky 160) nov 2011
Pausal – autumnal (students of decay) aug 2011

Older stuff:

Richard skelton – the complete landings (Aeolian) jun 2011
A broken consort – the complete crow autumn (Aeolian) apr 2011
Deepchord – hash bar loops (soma) jun 2011


North Peak Hoodoo
Short's Black Cherry Porter
Bell's Hell Hath No Fury

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Tab for the Holiday

Wow! Lots of great stuff found, more on the way from Dekorder, Child of Microtones, Type, Guided By Voices, Mazzy Star, etc.


efdemin - Chicago Remixes (2) 12" (DIAL 061EP)
kang, eyvind - Visible Breath LP (SOMA 004LP)
olausson, jacob - Morning and Sunrise CD (DESTIJL 097CD)
segall, ty - Spiders 7" (DC 505EP)
wooden wand - Briarwood CD (FIRE 217CD)
Mazzy star – common burn b/w lay myself down 7” (rhymes of an hour) oct 2011

New this week:

Mv/ee/flower – april flower 8xcdr box set (child of mictrotones) oct 2011
Christina carter – trickster who is like god (many breaths) oct 2011
Astral social club – v.e.n.u.s cdr (astral social club) oct 2011
William fowler collins – the resurrection unseen (type 103) oct 2011

Missed (still interested):

Astral social club – generator breaker LP (dekorder) sept 2011
Steven Hess & christopher mcfall – the inescapable fox (under the spire) oct 2011
Christina carter – of the gutter (many breaths)


carsten jost & lawrence - a greater administration of lower interests 12-inch (dial 060) september 2011
astral social club / tomutonttu – wet wheel/hot wheel b/w syvat svyat (tipped bowler LP 012) july 2011
ducktails – memory lane cs (new images) October 2011 (given away free with pledges of $30 or more to kickstarter and funding the “killin’ the vibe” 12”)
simon scott – bunny extra track (miasmah) oct 2011
danny paul grody – in search of light LP (students of decay) oct 2011
indignant senility – consecration of the whipstain (type 96) oct 2011
Christina vantzou – no. 1 (kranky 159) oct 2011
Lawrence – never as always (pt.1) 12” (laid 13) oct 2011
Necks, the – mindset (ReR) oct 2011
Atlas sound – parallax (4ad 3130) oct 2011
Portable – into infinity (perlon 88) oct 2011
Hive mind – elemental disgrace LP (spectrum spools 009) oct 2011
Illuha – shizuku (12k 1067) oct 2011
Mike shiflet – sufferers (extended) (type) oct 2011
Byetone – symeta (raster noton) october 2011
Bvdub – resistance is beautiful (darla 250) oct 2011
Va- air texture vol. 1 (curated by bvdub & Andrew Thomas) (air texture) oct 2011
u.s. girls – u.s. girls on kraak (kraak) oct 2011

Older stuff:

cm von hausswolff – 800,000 seconds in harar (touch 82) march 2011
Jon Mueller – alphabet of movements LP (type 92) 128kbps april 2011
Soul capsule – seekers (trelik 17) jun 2010
Starving weirdos – live at on land 2009
Nickolas mohanna – transmission hue (low point 36) june 2010
Nickolas mohanna – optics (slow flow rec) dec 2010

Monday, October 24, 2011

Best lose the fear

Big bummer Azure is the new Black went private. Youth soccer is done for the season! Very proud of my kids even though we got raw deals from the referee, kids on the other team, and even a few lousy parents.


Robert lippok – redsuperstructure (raster noton) nov 2011
Vladislav delay – Vantaa (raster noton) nov 2011
Kyle Bobby Dunn - 2x cd (low point)
Jefre Cantu-Ledesma/P Jørgensen - Split LP (low point)
Nickolas Mohanna - 'Parallax View' LP (low point)
Sean mccann – bouquet (experimedia)
Mark fell – periodic orbits of a dynamic system related to a knot (eMego 133)
Hive mind – elemental disgrace LP (spectrum spools 009)
Eyvind kang – visible breath (soma 004)

New this week:

Mike shiflet – sufferers LP (type)
Michael Flower & Neil Campbell - Featuring John Godbert (Golden Lab Records ROWF-25)
2xCassette october 2011

Missed (still interested):

Lawrence English – the peregrine (experimedia) sept 2011
Matthew friedberger – death-in-life LP (thr 262e) oct 2011


Pole – waldgeschichten (pole10) oct 2011
Charalambides – exile +2 (kranky_ sept 2011
Wolfgang voigt – kafkatrax (profan) oct 2011
Tim hecker – dropped pianos (kranky) oct 2011
Lee noble – horrorism (bathetic 50 LP) oct 2011
Pimmon – the oansome orbit (room 40) oct 2011
Jim o’rourke – old news no. 6 (old news) aug 2011
Rangers – pan am stories (not not fun 245) oct 2011
Real estate – days (domino) oct 2011
Alex cobb & aquarelle – split LP (low point 045) oct 2011
Driphouse – LP (spectrum spools/root strata) oct 2011
Robedoor – too down to die (not not fun 237) august 2011
Oneohtrix point never – replica (software/Mexican summer) October 2011
Ossining – jet set (students of decay) oct 2011
Taylor deupree & marcus fischer – in a place of such graceful shapes 7” (12k) sept 2011
Real estate – it’s real 7” (domino) oct 2011
Jacaszek – glimmer (ghostly) oct 2011

Older stuff:

Jason lescalleet – music for magnetic tape (arbor cs 141) oct 2010
Pimmon – steered in smash ascent (stunned no. 55) nov 2009
Arp – raga for moog & violin (2nd variation) live at the Berkeley art museum (no label) nov 2010
Pulse emitter – spiritual vistas (cylindrical habitat modules 39_expansive 06) February 2011

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

She Smiled Mandarin Like

Lots of great stuff these past few weeks. Looks like even more as autumn rolls on.


Bryter layter –two lenses (students of decay)
Pausal – autumnal (students of decay) june 2011?
Billy gomberg – only the sun for our (students of decay) april 2011?
Ossining – jet set (students of decay) june 2011?
Danny paul grody – in search of light (students of decay) autumn 2011?
Mike Shiflet - The Choir, The Army (under the spire) fall 2011
Sean McCann - Sincere World (amethyst sunset) forthcoming

Missed (still interested):

Hisato Higuchi / Zelienople - Tsuki No Seika Vol 4 (Root Strata) may 2011
1958-2009 - s/t (amethyst sunset) sept 2011


Ricardo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer - Peverelist – Meets Tshetsha Boys (HJP59) september 2011
mark fell & peter rehberg - kubu 12-inch (demego 022) august 2011
disco inferno – the 5 eps (one little Indian) sept 2011
taylor deupree + marcus fischer - in a place of such graceful shapes (12k 2021) september 2011
sic alps - battery townsley 7-inch (drag city) september 2011
amazing births, the – younger moon LP (cylindrical habitat modules 55) aug 2011
farben - xango 12-inch (faitiche 06) august 2011
in the country - sounds and sights (rune grammofon 3113) june 2011
pimmon – lay down real slow (stunned no. 133) august 2011
Melchior productions ltd. – bums 4 higher (perlon 87) august 2011
Mike weis – loop current / raft (barge 10) September 2011
Black eagle child – pages on a plane (under the spire 34) sept 2011
Walls – coracle (kompakt 91cd) September 2011
Golden retriever – light cones (root strata 75) sept 2011
Simon scott – bunny (miasmah 17) October 2011
Jasmina maschina – alphabet dream noise (staubdigi 015) sept 2011
Sic alps – breadhead 7” (drag city) august 2011
Psychic ills – hazed dream (sacred bones 63) october 2011
Four tet – locked_pyramid (text 011) oct 2011
loren connors - red mars (family vineyard 69) oct 2011

Older stuff:

Cassy – seteachotherfree (perlon 82) aug 2010
Portable – this life of illusion (perlon 83) sept 2010
San proper – a cat called mice (perlon 85) june 2011
Golden retriever – emergent layer (nna 029) may 2011
Betke – the road 12” (slices of life 01) oct 2009


Dark Horse

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Stars Are So Big, The Earth Is So Small... Stay As You Are

Quick update. Full-on apple/sweater weather. Grabbed some good stuff this week. More good stuff sure to follow soon. Soccer feels like it’s winding down a bit, ironically, just as the season’s getting started. People are insane. So are the stars.

Not finding (yet), but would like to:

Jim o’rourke – old news no. 6 (old news)
Jon Mueller – alphabet of movements (type)
Melchior productions ltd – bums 4 higher 12” (perlon)
Richard skelton – the complete landings
Carousell – landings (june 2006)
Richard skelton – rapture (june 2011)


Josephine (jefre cantu-ledesma & Milton cross) – (digitalis/dial square)
Driphouse – (spectrum spools 008LP)
Hive mind – (spectrum spools 009LP)
Portable – CD (perlon)

New this week:

Four tet – locked / pyramid (text) sept 2011
Ben vida – trading prescriptions cassette (los discos enfantasmes 015) aug 2011
Concern – living wage c20 (digitalis ltd. 220) aug 2011
Golden retriever – light cones (root strata) sept 2011

Missed (still interested):

Pimmon – lay down real slow c41 (stunned no. 133) aug 2011
Blues control – wfmu live cass (crooked tapes 001) aug 2011
Amazing births (mark mcguire & Julian gulyas) – younger moon LP (cylindrical habitat modules #55) aug 2011
Astral social club – scudding CDr (self-released) aug 2011
Farben – xango 12” (faitiche 006ep) sept 2011
In the country – sounds and sights cd (rune grammofon) sept 2011


Container – LP (spectrum spools 007) aug 2011
Aquarelle – sung in broken symmetry (students of decay) aug 2011
Isidore ducasse – isidore ducasse (blackest rainbow 219) aug 2011
Tarwater – inside the ships (bureau b) sept 2011
Bill orcutt – how the thing sings (eMego 128) sept 2011
Wooden shjips – phonograph 7” w/ West LP (thrill jockey)
Ambarchi – o’rourke – haino - In A Flash Everything Comes Together As One There Is No Need For A Subject (black truffle 005LP) march 2011
Bvdub – I remember (translations of morketid) (glacial movements) sept 2011
Nickolas mohanna – reflectors (preservation circa 511) September 2011
Red horse – red horse (type 94) sept 2011
Alva noto – univrs (raster-noton) sept 2011
A winged victory for the sullen – a winged victory for the sullen (kranky 157) sept 2011
Aaron martin & justin wright – light poured out of our bones (preservation circa 611) sept 2011

To rick first:

Four tet – fabric 59
Wilco – the whole love

Older stuff:

Rv paintings - taiga remains – split LP (blackest rainbow) jan 2010
Taylor deupree – landing (room40) apr 2007


neptune radio 9/15/11:

roman flugel - fatty folders (dial)
mark mcguire - get lost (emego)
bill orcutt - how the thing sings (emego)
bvdub - i remember (translations of morketid) (glacial movements)
gui boratto - III (kompakt)
carousell - landings (aeolian) june 2006

neptune radio 9/16/11:

Nickolas mohanna – reflectors (preservation circa 511) September 2011
Red horse – red horse (type 94) sept 2011
Alva noto – univrs (raster-noton) sept 2011
A winged victory for the sullen – a winged victory for the sullen (kranky 157) sept 2011
Aaron martin & justin wright – light poured out of our bones (preservation circa 611) sept 2011

neptune radio 9/17/11:

mark mcguire - a young person's guide CD#2 (emego)
alva noto - univrs (raster-noton)
red horse - red horse (type)
matthew friedberger - cut it out (thrill jockey)
taylor deupree - landing (room40)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Blue is the Frequency

Mini-update, just to get organized. Soccer's been sucking up every last minute. And weddings before that. Looking forward to getting back to the music.


Terranova – I want to go out (kompakt 221) aug 2011
Wolfgang voigt – kafkatrax 3 (kafkatrax) aug 2011
Singer – mindreading (drag city 412) july 2011
Mcguire, mark – get lost (emego 123) sept 2011
The sight below – n-plants_remixes (touch tone 45.2) august 2011
Clams casino – instrumentals 2LP (type 95) august 2011
Roman fluegel – fatty folders (dial 23CD) September 2011
Grouper – Water People / Moving Machine 7” (Ballroom Marfa) aug 2011
Janek Schaefer – phoenix & Phaedra holding patterns (spekk 25) aug 2011
Walls – sunporch (kompakt 237) aug 2011
Gui boratto – III (kompakt 90CD) sept 2011
Roll the dice – in dust (leaf) aug 2011
Le revelateur – fictions (gneiss things 10LP) july 2011
Matthew friedberger – cut it out (thrill jockey) sept 2011

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Time Thief

Here’s a month’s worth of new music found since the last post. Summer’s turning busy, and too bad it feels almost over. You just can’t deny the sun’s angle in the sky and the way it makes you feel like autumn. And the fact that sunrise is closing in on 7am again. Highlight of the summer/year so far is reuniting with old friends that I lost contact with some 20+ years ago. What an incredible 18 or so hours. Much too short but it sounds like we may hopefully be able to get together again in the not so distant future. I just can’t stop thinking about everybody. Gregg: I apologizing for smiling giddily for the first few hours non-stop pretty much before someone hit FF on father time and before you knew it, I was not able to express myself fully and find out more about whatcha been doin’, as Oberon and lack of sleep was fucking with us all. Fun Beatles set though. And it’s difficult to get back to the daily routine, and the inevitability of lots of change/very busy days ahead, in the near future with school, soccer, etc. Blarggie, blarggie.

Further investigation:

New-ish (june, july) VHF titles from Cian Nugent, Jesse Sparhawk & Eric Carbonara


Driphouse – LP (spectrum spools 008)
Mark mcguire – get lost (emego 123)

New this week:

Isidore ducasse (cantu-ledesma & William trevor Montgomery) – s/t (blackest rainbow 219) aug 2011
Concern – living wage c20 (digitalis ltd 220) aug 2011
Jim o’rourke – old news no. 6 (old news)
Fell / rehberg – 12” (emego)
Container – LP (spectrum spools 007) aug 2011
Clams casino – instrumentals (type) aug 2011
Red horse – red horse LP (type) aug 2011

Missed (still interested):

Trophies – become objects of daily use (monotype) july 2011


Thee oh sees – castlemania (in the red) may 2011
Maria Minerva – cabaret cixous (not not fun) aug 2011
Lawrence – above the sky (mule 77) april 2011
Date palms – honey devash (Mexican summer 86) aug 2011
Dum dum girls – only in dreams (sub pop) august 2011
Fennesz + sakamoto – flumina (commons JAP) aug 2011
Eternal tapestry – doorways in the sand (night gallery bonus track) (thrill jockey) july 2011
Mark ernestus meets bbc – version (honest jon’s 57) aug 2011
Sun araw – ancient romans (sun ark 12) aug 2011
Lawrence – timeless (mix) (cocoon) aug 2011
The field – looping state of mind (kompakt) aug 2011
Starving weirdos – rolled in the midst of never ceasing currents flowing without rest forever onward (bo’weavil) june 2011
Alessandro bosetti – royals (monotype) mar 2011
Father – return of father (root strata) aug 2011

Older stuff:

Villalobos – what’s wrong my friends (perlon 59) nov 2006
James Jackson toth – waiting in vain (ryko) aug 2008
Religious knives – remains (no fun 13) jan 2007
Kevin drumm – sheer hellish miasmah extra track reissue (emego) feb 2007

Saturday, July 30, 2011

The World In Your Eyes

Nice summer week or two. FINALLY! Lake Michigan finally warm (code: refreshing) enough to get into. Extremely successful week music-wise; happy to have gotten the two Ambarchi duo LPs, caboladies (thanks RL!), bellows (thanks JFK!), within mirrors (thanks Jesse!), Kompakt Total 12, and a few other things. Still looking for Aquarelle (brand new) as well as Old News #6 (not even out yet), as well as Container LP (ditto), oh, and the Starving Weirdos LP on Bo’Weavil.

Been on a Spacemen 3 / Sonic Boom / Spectrum kick! Good for summer.

Not finding (yet), but would like to:

Further investigation:

l.r.j martens – eternal landscapes LP (aguirre 08) may 2011
expo ’70 – inaudible bicoastal trajectory LP (agurre 11) may 2011


Charalambides - Exile CD (KRANK 158CD)
Aquarelle - Sung in Broken Symmetry LP (SOD 089LP)
Barn owl - Lost In The Glare CD (THR 280CD)
Negrot, aerea - Arabxilla CD (BPC 240CD)
Lawrence - Timeless CD (CORMIX 035CD)
Farben - Xango 12" (FAITICHE 006EP)
Boratto, gui - III CD (KOMP 090CD)
Walls - Coracle LP+CD (KOM 245LP)
Scott, simon - Bunny CD (MIA 017CD)
In the country - Sounds And Sights CD/DVD (RCD 2113CD)
Continer - LP LP (SP 007LP)
Clams casino - Instrumentals 2LP (TYPE 095LP)

New this week:

Le revelateur – fictions LP (gneiss things 10) july 2011


Le revelateur – motion flares (root strata 64) june 2010
Tuusanuuskat – naaksaa naa mun kyyneleet (fonal 78) july 2011
Borden / james ferraro / Samuel godin / lauren halo / Daniel lopatin, david – frkwys vol. 7 LP (rvng intl. 07) july 2011
Keith fullerton Whitman / alien radio (datashock) – split LP (dekorder 54) june 2011
Fennesz – seven stars (touch) july 2011
Ohayo – the state we are in (hapna 45) may 2011
Temporal marauder – makes you feel LP (spectrum spools 006) june 2011
Oren ambarchi & jim o’rourke – indeed LP (demego 021) june 2011
Oren ambarchi & Robbie avenaim – dream request LP (bo’weavil sidra 005) june 2011
Bellows – handcut (senufo #15) may 2011
Akira Rabelais & Stephan Mathieu – quien era aquella (conv [spain] CNV R09) may 2006
Chihei hatakeyama – mirror (room40) july 2011
Gui boratto – the drill (kompakt 232) july 2011
Barn owl – lost in the glare (thrill jockey) july 2011
Caboladies – renewable destination LP (students of decay) july 2011
Total 12 CD (kompakt 92CD) july 2011
Polvo – heavy detour 7” (merge) july 2011

Monday, July 18, 2011

Lonely Avenue

still lookin' for some elusive titles. mostly LPs. especially the ambarchi collaborations and new students of decay (caboladies & aquarelle). busy summer so far. finally hot this week. too much travelling yet not enough vacation feeling.

Not finding (yet), but would like to:

Starving weirdos - Rolled In The Midst Of Never-Ceasing Currents Flowing Without A Rest Forever Onward lp (bo’weavil) june 2011
Ambarchi / o’rourke
Ambarchi /avenum
Aquarelle – sung in broken symmetry (students of decay) july 2011
Caboladies – renewable destination (students of decay) june 2011
Bellows – handcut (senufo editions) w/ bonus material june 2011

New this week:

Fennesz - Seven Stars 10" (touch) july 2011
Temporal marauder – temporal marauder makes you feel (spectrum spools 006 LP) jun 2011 (mms best of 2011)
Kassel jaeger – algae (senufo) july 2011


Ty segall – goodbye bread (drag city) jun 2011
Ty segall – I can’t feel it 7” (drag city) may 2011
Margaret dygas – Margaret dygas (perlon) jun 2011
Biosphere – n-plants (touch 84) jun 2011
Eternal tapestry & sun araw – night gallery (thrill jockey 266) july 2011
Rene hell – the Hilton – bonus CD with vinyl version of the terminal symphony (type 085) mar 2011
ben vida / keith fullerton whitman “split” aggregatepulseripper (damaged iiii) b/w 080114 LP (amish 033/required wreckers 3) june 2011
Eleanor friedberger – last summer (merge) july 2011
Bee mask – elegy for beach Friday (spectrum spools 05) june 2011
Ducktails – killin’ the vibe (new images 01) july 2011
Jackie-o motherfucker – earth sound system (fire) july 2011
Kenneth kirschner – twenty ten (12k 1066) june 2011
Sog – fremde hande (profane 35) july 2011
Stephan Mathieu – to describe George Washington bridge 10” (dekorder 51) july 2011
Wooden shjips – west (thrill jockey) july 2011
Tomutonttu – elavana planeetalla (new images 02) july 2011


vetiver - errant charm (sub pop)
vetiver - tight knit (sub pop)
mv & ee - country stash (3lobed)
oystered 10
eleanor friedberger - last summer (merge)
margaret dygas - (perlon)
ty segall - goodbye bread (drag city)
jim o'rourke - old news no.5 (editions mego)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Feed the Collapse

Been about two-and-a-half weeks since my last report. Let’s see, a lot’s happened since then it seems. School got out, then he got sick. My allergies have continued to annoy this year. Then everybody got the fever / stomach flu. Just on the mend now. the weather got kinda nice for a few days, but then got pretty bad. The second full day of summer, today, the high did not even reach the average low temperature (59). Soccer finished, but still more time consuming meetings. Got my last batch of freelance work; just finished it tonight! So… hopefully the weather finally turns around and we can get outside. Also need to do a forced exposure order soon. Focus on kids, music, blog posts and ripping vinyl.

Not finding (yet), but would like to:

Further investigation:

Doc dunn – mountain wind, mountain rain *reissue* (medusa) may 2011


Fire! with Jim O’Rourke – Unreleased (Rune Grammofon) july 2011
greg davis - schumann resonances c40 cassette (ekhein)
keith fullerton whitman - regaining composure b/w negating freedom c30 cassette (ekhein)
sean mccann - s/t c30 cassette (ekhein)
earn - performance c40 cassette (ekhein)
Huntsville - For Flowers, Cars And Merry Wars LP+CD (HUBRO 2505LP)
Fennesz - Seven Stars 10" (TONE 044EP)
Kirschner, kenneth - Twenty Ten 3CD (12K 1066CD)
Parks, van dyke - Wall Street/Money Is King 7" (BSR 4500EP)
Parks, van dyke - Dreaming of Paris/Wedding In Madagascar 7" (BSR 4501EP)
Pan/tone - Rescue Me 12" (AREAL 059EP)
7k oaks - Entelechy CD (ZEIT 013CD)
Mind over mirros - The Voice Rolling LP (DIGI 008LP)
Holy strays - Enlightenment 7" (NNF 233EP)
LA vampires goes ital - Streetwise 12" (NNF 235EP)
Aquarelle – sung in broken symmetry (students of decay) june 2011

New this week:

Diamond catalog – magnified palette LP (nna tapes 032) june 2011
Jim o’rourke / carlos giffoni – japan tour 2011 CD (no fun 999) june 2011
Biosphere – n-plants (touch) june 2011
Keith fullerton Whitman / alien radio – split (dekorder) june 2011
Keith fullerton Whitman / ben vida – split Required Wreckers #3 (amish) june 2011

Missed (still interested):

Jackie-o motherfucker – earth sound system (fire) jun 2011
Metal rouge – then in shadow (bezoar formations cass) june 2011
Matt ‘mv’ valentine – what I became (woodsiest 052 LP) may 2011
Astral social club – snaefell 7” (trensmat 021) may 2011
Jon Mueller – alphabet of movements (type)


Nicola ratti – 220 tones (die schachtel zeit 012) may 2011
*Ar – wolf notes (type 093) may 2011
Myrmyr – fire star (under the spire 041) may 2011
Marsen jules – nostalgia CD (oktaf 003) june 2011
Mark templeton – mort aux vaches (mort aux vaches) june 2011
Roman flugel & Ricardo villalobos – rirom (raum music 080) june 2011
Eselsohr – voluntary milking system (senufo editions #eight) march 2011
Maria Minerva – tallinn at dawn (not not fun 222) march 2011
Maria Minerva – noble savage 12” (100% silk 004) march 2011
Ekin fil – language (root strata 86) jun 2011
Ricardo villalobos / max loderbauer – re: ecm 2CD (ecm 2758681) jun 2011
Ada – meine zarten pfoten (pampa 005cd) jun 2011
Sean mccann – sean mccann (ekhein 49) april 2011
Eric Copeland – Waco taco combo (escho 21) june 2011
Fire! & Jim O’Rourke – unreleased? (rune grammofon 2111) jun 2011
Alexander risaug – shadow of events (dekorder 53) jun 2011
Vladislav delay – latoma 12” (echocord) june 2011
Gregg kowalsky – battery townsley LP (senufo) mar 2011
Matt valentine – what I became LP (woodsist) may 2011
John tejada – parabolas (kompakt 93cd) june 2011
Thomas fehlmann – titan 1 / dfm (kompakt 224) jan 2011
Carl calm – a party tide cs (self-released) may 2011
Barn owl – shadowland (thrill jockey 277) jun 2011

Monday, June 6, 2011

Es-En-Double-Eee-Tee-See-Aitch-Eee-Es Sneetches!

That's the best I could come up with for the title of this post. The little ones have Dr. Seuss songs stuck in my head all day these days. Not a bad thing. Pretty Free Design-ish for the most part. Super busy two weeks spent mostly on the county soccer program. AND, the weather finally has gotten nice!


Oren ambarchi & jim o’rourke – indeed LP (DeMego 021) june 2011
Oren ambarchi & robbie avenaim – Dream Request LP (SIDRA 005LP)
Temporal marauder – temporal maraurder makes you feel LP (spectrum spools 006) july 2011
Bee mask – elegy for beach Friday (spectrum spools 005) july 2011
Black eagle child – pages on a plane (under the spire)
Aquarelle – sung in broken symmetry (students of decay) jun 2011
Matias aguayo - I Don't Smoke EP 12" (KOM 228EP)
Fennesz - Seven Stars 10" (TONE 044EP)
Ar - Wolf Notes LP (TYPE 093LP)
Kenneth kirschner - Twenty Ten 3CD (12K 1066CD)

New this week:

Nicola ratti – 220 tones (die schachtel zeit 12)
*ar – wolf notes (type)


Mokira – time axis manipulation (kontra) may 2011
Turnquist, Alexander – hallway of mirrors (vhf 126) may 2011
Vida, ben – soft epic (root strata) apr 2011
Vetiver – the errant charm (sub pop) may 2011
Roman flugel – brasil (dial 58) may 2011
Quiet evenings – transcending spheres (preservation circa 411) may 2011
Richard skelton – marking time reissue +1 (preservation)
Alessandro brivio – associazioni poro (senufo editions #14) may 2011
David sylvian – died in the wool (manafon variations) (samadhisound 021) may 2011
Arrow kleeman – phase reps and builds (root strata 90) apr 2100
Matthew friedberger – old regimes (thrill jockey 262c) june 2011
Coldplay –every teardrop is a waterfall (june 2011)
Broker/dealer / psychonauts – dig deep / world keeps turning (immer 004 / kompakt) june 2011
Kreng – grimiore (miasmah 016) june 2011
Elodie – echos pastoraux (la scie doree, Belgium) may 2011
Matias aguayo – I don’t smoke ep (kompakt 228) june 2011

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy hunting ground

Two and a half weeks worth here. Just been swamped with soccer and swim and work and a wedding to spend any amount of time on music. Haven’t found a number of things released this year.

New this week:

Carl Calm – a party tide (no label) cassette
palmetto moon electronic group (carl calm) - restructures, one (no label) c28 cassette
Golden retriever – emergent layer (nna tapes)
northern spy (usa) #ns 007 cd
tom carter / marc orleans - eleven twenty-nine (northern spy 007) compact disc


Alva noto + ryuichi sakamoto – summvs (raster-noton 132) may 2011
Fourcolor – as pleat (12k 1065) may 2011
Forma – forma (spectrum spools 003) may 2011
Dominik eulberg – diorama (traum cd 24) may 2011
Jefre cantu-ledesma – shining skull breath LP (students of decay) may 2011
Sightings – future accidents (our mouth) apr 2011
vladislav delay quartet
matt Christensen – a cradle in the bowery (under the spire) may 2011
deep magic – lucid thought
tom carter – all ahead now (root strata) april 2011
ilyas ahmed / steve gunn – record store day split 7” (immune) april 2011
mist – house (spectrum spools 004) may 2011
jonas Reinhardt – music for the tactile dome (not not fun 230) may 2011
tiago sousa – walden pond’s monk (immune) may 2011
jasper tx – black sun transmissions (fang bomb) may 2011
mark fell – manitutshu (emego 116) may 2011

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Knee Trembler

Waaaay toooo busy this week with freelance work, soccer, swimming...


Wooden shjips – west (thrill jockey) aug 2011
Caboladies – renewable destination (students of decay) jun 2011
VA: Enjoy The Silence Vol. 2 LP+CD (MULE 078LP)
Dygas, margaret - Margaret Dygas CD (PERL 086CD)
Imaginary softwoods - The Path Of Spectrolite LP (AS 013LP)
Amazing births, the - Younger Moon LP (CHM 055LP) Julian Gulyas and Emeralds' Mark McGuire
Barn owl - From Our Mouths A Perpetual Light LP (NNF 123LP) originally a 2008 release
Friedberger, matthew - Old Regimes LP (THR 262C-LP)
Barn owl - Shadowland LP (THR 277LP)
Deadbeat - Drawn And Quartered CD (BLKRTZ 001CD)
Flugel, roman - Brasil 12" (DIAL 058EP)
Alva noto + ryuichi sakamoto - Summvs CD (R-N 132CD)
Reinhardt, jonas - Music from the Tactile Dome LP (NNF 230LP)
Cantu-ledesma, jefre - Shining Skull Breath LP (SOD 085LP) remastered by James Plotkin and features two new tracks not included on the original release

New this week:

Pacific support c75 cass (draft 008) april 2011 (w/ carl calm, greg davis, kfw, etc.)
Taigo sousa – walden pond’s monk (immune) may 2011
Zelienople / hisato haguchi – tsuki no seika, v4 (root strata) may 2011
Jon porras (elm, barn owl) – undercurrent (root strata) may 2011
Oren Ambarchi & Robbie Avenaim - Dream Request (bo'weavil SIDRA 05) may 2011
Starving Weirdos - Rolled In The Midst Of Never-Ceasing Currents Flowing Without A Rest Forever Onward (bo'weavil SIDRA 06) May 2011

Missed (still interested in):

Matt Christiansen – a cradle in the bowery (under the spire 40)
Seth cluett – objects of memory (line) may 2011 > sdf012


Taylor deupree – journal 7” (12k 3030) may 2011
Ezekiel honig – folding in on itself (type) may 2011
Religious knives – smokescreen (sacred bones) may 2011
Tomas jirku – psilence (basic sounds net label 009) may 2011
andrew chalk - violins by night (faraway press 019) LP TRACKS UNDIVIDED


not much:: older Fourcolor
the alps - easy action (mexican summer)
sea + cake - moonlight butterfly (thrill jockey)

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Breaking Hands

Busy week - swimming, soccer, freelance work. Not as much time for music as I'd like. But there seems to be some sort of lull in the action even though a ton of great new stuff is just coming out or about to (12k, Type, etc.) Tuneyards kinda blows. I dig the Dusted review.

Further investigation:

new Spectrum Spools stuff
new O'Rourke - old news
bj nilsen & stilluppsteypa - big shadow montana (helen scarsdale) april 2011
tomas jirku - psilence (basic sounds net label 009) may 2011
mokira - time axis manipulation (kontra-musik CD 01) may 2011
alessandro bosetti - royals (monotype records)
part wild horses on both sides - low fired clay escape LP (carnivals 003) march 2011
leyland kirby - intrigue & stuff (vol. 1) (history always favours the winners) apr 2011
Royal Baths – Litanies (Woodsist) apr 2011


Tejada, John - Unstable Condition 12" (KOM 227EP)
Kolombo - Waiting For 12" (KOM POP017EP)
Le Rock, Sid - Gentlemen's Intermission 12" (STRIKE 126EP)
Watson & Marcus Davidson, Chris - Cross-Pollination CD (TONE 043CD)
Vida / Keith Fullerton Whitman, Ben - Aggregatepulseripper (Damaged IIII) LP (AMIRW 033LP)

Oh Sees, Thee - Castlemania In The Red ITR 208 CD CD $8.85

Damon & Naomi - False Beats And True Hearts 20|20|20 202020 12 CD CD $8.85
Starfuckers - Metallic Diseases Holy Mountain HOLY 1981 / LP $10.85
Turnquist, Alexander - Hallway Of Mirrors Vhf VHF 126 CD CD $8.85


Greg davis – eyebright cass (agents of chaos) mar 2011
Prefuse 73 – the only she chapters (warp) apr 2011
Whomadewho – knee deep (kompakt 230) apr 2011
Roman fluegel – desperate housemen (live at Robert johnson) apr 2011
Robag wruhme – thora vukk (pampa 002) apr 2011
Mountains – air museum (thrill jockey) apr 2011
Metope - you are my beach (beachcoma) feb 2011


old Type playlist
February 2011 playlist
Grouper : A I A Alien Observer / A I A Dream Loss
Smog - Apocalypse
Golden Retriever - arda viraf (agents of chaos)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

It's only life

Yet another spring snowstorm cancels school on Wednesday. A record setting 10" of snow. That pretty much sums up the week.

Further investigation:

Bridget Hayden - A Siren Blares In An Indifferent Ocean (k-raa-k) apr 2011 (Higher Quality)
United waters (mouthus) – your first ever river (arbitrary signs) apr 2011


Fourcolor – as pleat (12k) may 2011
Alessandro bosetti – royals cd (monotype) apr 2011
Lionel marchetti – une saison 2xcd (monotype) apr 2011
Jasper tx – black sun transmissions (fang bomb)
Mike Weis - Loop Current / Raft (barge)

New this week:

Tuneyards – who kill (4ad) apr 2011
Sean mccann – mammoth mountain c28 cass + c25 box set (avant archive 009) apr 2011
Taylor deupree – journal (12k 3010) apr 2011
Jon Mueller – alphabet of movements LP (type) april 2011
Ezekiel honig – folding in on itself LP (type) april 2011

Missed (still interested in):

Part wild horses mane on both sides – low fired clay escape LP (carnivals 003) mar 2011
Evan Caminiti - When California Falls into the Sea (LP) (handmade birds 006) apr 2011
Leyland Kirby - Intrigue & Stuff Vol.1 (LP) (History always favours the winners 009) apr 2011
Jon Mueller – The Whole bonus CD with LP – Olivia Block remix (type v74, 082) October 2010


Oval/liturgy – split ep (thrill jockey) record store day apr 2011
Implodes – black earth (kranky) apr 2011
Mark McGuire – a young persons guide (eMego 117) apr 2011
Va – 410 (room 40)
Black eagle child – lobelia (preservation) feb 2011
Tuneyards – who kill (4ad) apr 2011
John chantler – the luminous ground (room40) apr 2011
Crystal stilts – in love with oblivion (slumberland) apr 2011
Pantha du prince – xi versions of black noise (rough trade) apr 2011
Sean mccann – prelusion CD-r (recital) mar 2011
Gusgus – magnified love (kompakt digital 12) april 2011
Kaboom caravan – barra barra (miasmah 15)
Mv & ee – country stash (3 lobed 76)
Moon duo – mazes (+ remixed) (sacred bones 50)


feb 2011

Monday, April 18, 2011


Got on a bit of a Billy "(Smog)" Callabash kick this week. New album's good too. Tough week - birthday boy's birthday and continued sickness, basement flooding, winter weather, etc.

Time to catch up on open tabs, music reviews, and 2011 releases not found yet through the usual channels. Lots of new stuff to get excited about.


Fell, Mark - Manitutshu 2x12" (EMEGO 116EP)
Ohayo - The State We Are In CD (HAPNA 045CD)
Kreng - Grimoire CD (MIA 016CD)
VA - Enjoy The Silence Vol. 2 CD (MULE 020CD)
Fourcolor - As Pleat CD (12K 1065CD)
AGF - Gedichterbe CD (AGF 015CD)
Sanso-xtro - Fountain Fountain Joyous Mountain CD (DIGI 058CD)
Vladislav Delay Quartet - Vladislav Delay Quartet CD (HJR 056CD)
Flugel, Roman - Desperate Housemen 12" (PLAYRJC 012EP)
Jules, Marsen - Nostalgia CD (OKTAF 003CD)
O'Rourke, Jim - Old News #5 2LP (OLDNEWS 005LP)
Singing Skies, The - Routine And War CD (PRE 032CD)
Wooden Hand - Circle 7" (CRITTER 001EP)
People Like Us - Welcome Abroad CD (IA 124CD)


Autechre – 6852 (warp/atp japan benefit) apr 2011
Colorist – the fastest way to become the ocean 10” (serein 11.1) apr 2011
Va - Kompakt benefit compilation for japan (kom jap 001) apr 2011
Va - Benefit for the recovery in japan (an 012) mar 2011
High llamas – talahomi way (drag city) apr 2011
Deerhunter – memory boy 7” (4ad) apr 2011
Alps, the – easy action (Mexican summer) apr 2011


Panda Bear
Sun Araw - Houston Abtros 7" w/ Teenage Fanclub "December" cover

Monday, April 11, 2011

New Grass

Busy week. Back to the grind plus swimming, running, etc. I guess the big scores this week were Panda Bear, The Sea and Cake, Bill Callahan flac. Also spent time away from blogs trying to reorganize my email(s) and my flash drive. Gotta burn a bunch CDs and continue to figure out email, portable, and the whole EQ post.

Further investigation:

Toning – pitch the drone c31 (stunned no. 112) mar 2011
Air sign – our galactic covered wagons to the stars c38 (stunned no. 113) mar 2011
Garrincha & the stolen elk – we were Wyoming c20 (stunned no. 114) mar 2011
Parashi – troika c54 (stunned no. 115) mar 2011
Afterlife – hypnotic rinse c30 (stunned no. 116) mar 2011
m. geddes gengras – this could be the last time c69 (stunned no. 117) mar 2011


Jon Porras – Undercurrent LP (root strata 83) may 2011
Arrow Kleeman – Phase Reps and Builds cass (root strata 90) april 2011
Ekin Fil – Language (root strata 86) cass april 2011
Father – Return of Father (root strata 85) cass april 2011

Lawrence - Above The Sky 12" (MULE 077EP)
Deep magic - Lucid Thought CD (CIRCA 311CD)
Quiet evenings - Transcending Spheres CD (CIRCA 411CD)
Last hurrah!!, the - Spiritual Non-Believers CD (RCD 2109CD)
Deceh - Fundamental Structure Cassette (TTW 027CS)
Honig, ezekiel - Folding In On Itself CD (TYPE 088CD)
Forma (Mark Dwinell, Sophie Lam, & George Bennett) - Forma LP (SP 003LP)
Mist (Sam Goldberg (of Radio People) and John Elliott (Emeralds, Outer Space, Imaginary Softwoods): House 2LP (SP 004LP)
Mueller, john - Alphabet Of Movements LP (TYPE 092LP)
MV & EE - Country Stash LP (3LOBED 076LP)
Sightings - Future Accidents LP (OURMOUTH 025LP)
Sea and cake, the - The Moonlight Butterfly CD (THR 278CD)
Prefuse 73 - The Only She Chapters CD (WARP 208CD)

april 5:

Bill Callahan: Apocalypse [Drag City]
The Kills: Blood Pressures [Domino]
Matthew Dear: Slowdance EP [Ghostly International]
The Raveonettes: Raven in the Grave [Vice]

april 12:

Autechre: EPs 1991-2002 [Warp]
Low: C'Mon [Sub Pop]
Panda Bear: Tomboy [Paw Tracks]
Vivian Girls: Share the Joy [Polyvinyl]

april 16 (record store day):

Akron/Family: "bmbz" 12" [Dead Oceans]
Black Twig Pickers/Glenn Jones: Split [Thrill Jockey]
Deerhunter: "Memory Boy" 7" [4AD]
The Flaming Lips: Heady Nuggs: The First 5 Warner Bros. Records 1992-2002 [Warner Bros.] [box set]
Oval/Liturgy: Split [Thrill Jockey]
Panda Bear: Tomboy limited edition LP [Paw Tracks]

april 19:

Bonnie "Prince" Billy and Matt Sweeney: "Must Be Blind" b/w "Life in Muscle" [Drag City/Domino]
The High Llamas: Talahomi Way [Drag City]
Pantha du Prince: XI Versions of Black Noise [Rough Trade]

april 26:

Akita/Gustafsson/O'Rourke: One Bird Two Bird [Editions Mego]
Times New Viking: Dancer Equired [Merge]
WhoMadeWho: Knee Deep [Kompakt]

may 10:

City Center: Redeemer [K]
Dominik Eulberg: Diorama [Traum]
Jesu: Ascension [Caldo Verde]
Liturgy: Aesthetica [Thrill Jockey]
Mark McGuire: A Young Person's Guide to Mark McGuire [Editions Mego]
Mountains: Air Museum [Thrill Jockey]
The Sea and the Cake: The Moonlight Butterfly [Thrill Jockey]

may 17:

Damon & Naomi: False Beats and True Hearts [20/20/20]
Thee Oh Sees: Castlemania [In The Red]

may 24:

Thurston Moore: Demolished Thoughts [Matador]

may 31:

Seapony: Go With Me [Sup Pop]

june 7:

Jackie O Motherfucker: Earth Sound System [Fire]
Vetiver: The Errant Charm [Sub Pop]

june 14:

Barn Owl: Shadowland [Thrill Jockey]
Ty Segall: Goodbye Bread [Drag City]

New this week:

Tom Carter – All Ahead Now (root strata 67)
Ben Vida – Soft Epic (root strata 74) cass

Missed (still interested in):

MV & EE w/ Mick Flower – Hot Breezer (Heroine)
MV & EE w/ Mick Flower – Gis a Job (no homemade slop) (Heroine)


Derek rogers – informal meditations (no kings 009) feb 2011
Rafael toral – space elements v.3 (staubgold) april 2011
Sun araw – Houston abtros 7” (monofonus press) april 2011
Cleared – cleared c40 (digitalis ltd 158) mar 2011
Golden retriever – ardif c31 (agents of chaos 7036) mar 2011
Panda bear – tomboy (paw tracks) april 2011
The sea and cake – the moonlight butterfly (thrill jockey) apr 2011
Kyle bobby dunn – ways of meaning (desire paths recordings) april 2011
k-s.h.e. (terre thaemlitz) – routes not roots (skylax) mar 2011
ezekiel honig – scattered practices (microcosm music 17) sep 2006
arnold dreyblatt – turntable history (important) mar 2011
grouper – a I a : dream loss (yellow electric GR 006A-LP) april 2011
grouper – a I a : alien observer (yellow electric GR 006B-LP) april 2011
va – echocord jubilee compilation (echocord 50) april 2011


Panda bear – tomboy (paw tracks) april 2011



Friday, April 1, 2011

Never Learn Not To Love

Working on Neptune "primer" CD, 2CD compilation for Sarah and Aaron. Huge Yo La Tengo detour today as well, nice for spring, yet we’re under a winter storm warning scheduled to receive 7”-10” Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. I will be lucky if there’s school on Wednesday. Update: no school on Wednesday. I will be lucky if there is an allergy shot today.

Ran 43.7 miles in March!

Not finding yet, but would like to:

Jazkamer - Chestnut Thornback bonus CD
Rene Hell - The Hilton bonus CD

Further investigation:

Animal collective – sneaker cass (feat. Panda bear “the preakness”) (keep / Socorro island conservation fund)


Mountains – air museum (thrill jockey) may 10
Davis, Greg – Eyebright (agents of chaos c40 cass)
Gusgus - Arabian Horse CD (KOMP 089CD)
Wruhme, Robag - Thora Vukk 2LP +7" (PAMPA 002LP)
Toral, Rafael - Space Elements Vol. III CD (STAUBDIG 012CD)
Eulberg, Dominik - Diorama CD (TRAUM 024CD)
Grouper - A I A: Dream Loss LP (GR 006A-LP)
Grouper - A I A: Alien Observer LP (GR 006B-LP)

New this week:

Va – benefit for the recovery in japan (antiopic 012)


Higuma – Pacific Fog Dreams (Root Strata 73) mar 2011
Christina carter – texas blues working 2LP (blackest rainbow) mar 2011
Times new Viking – dancer equired (Wichita) mar 2011
Astral social club – happy horse (happy prince) may 2010
Matthew Friedberger – Meet Me in Miramas (thrill jockey) mar 2011
Bill Calahan – Apocalypse (drag city) mar 2011
Panda bear – surfer’s hymn 7” (kompakt) mar 2011
Richard skelton via Paul
Carousell (Richard Skelton) - Black Swallow & Other Songs LP (DIGI 020LP)


january, march stuff, yo la tengo.


The adjustment bureau (p.k.dick)
Cold weather
Of gods and men

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lazy Crystal

Ah, nice week weather-wise. First week of daylight savings too. Spring officially arrives tonight in a few hours. Perigree full moon last night.

Not finding (yet), but would like to:

William basinski – a red score in tile CD (streamline) higher quality version
Lithops – formationen LP (a music 35) mar 2011
(never got Lithops – Ye Voils [thrill jockey] jan 2009)


Matt Christensen – A cradle in the bowery (under the spire)
Zelienople – new York (under the spire)
Andrew Chalk – Violin by Night LP (faraway Press 019)
Richard skelton – marking time w/ bonus track “ford” (preservation 018x)
Quiet evenings (motion sickness of time travel + nova soctian arms) – transcending spheres (circa 411)
Deep magic (sun araw/pocahaunted/black eagle child) – lucid thought (produced by sean mccann) (preservation circa 311)


Coma – famous (kompakt 226) mar 2011
Moss – (12k 2020) mar 2011
Lee noble – no becoming (sweat lodge guru) mar 2011
Four tet / daphni - pinnacles / ye ye 12” (text 09) mar 2011
Burial / four tet / thom yorke – ego / mirror (text 10) mar 2011
Infinity window – artificial midnight (arbor) mar 2011 reissue
Christina carter – texas working blues (blackest rainbow) mar 2011 reissue, minus 20+min. bonus track
Low – c’mon (sub pop) mar 2011
Fabric – a sort of radiance LP (spectrum spools 01) mar 2011
Ricardo villalobos – peculiar / 3 zuge (sei es drum) feb 2011


jan, feb and mar EQ considerations


I will follow
Morning glory


homemade meaballs
funky grilled cheese
chicken caccitore
homemade hummus
moroccan tigene

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The power I afford you / Is the one / I wish / I had / Over you

Went to moms all week. Not much time on the internet. In general, slow week for new stuff – but the forthcoming list is getting big. Gotta organize itunes this week and burn CDs and get rid of some files and finish january 2011 EQ post.

Not finding (yet), but would like to:

Molly Berg/Olivia Block/Steve Roden/Stephen Vitiello - Moss CD (12K 2020CD)
Higuma – pacific fog dreams LP (root strata 73) mar 2011
Ambarchi/Haino/O’Rourke LP - In A Flash Everything Comes Together As One There Is No Need For A Subject (black truffle) mar 2011
Fabric – a sort of radiance LP (spectrum spools)
Rene hell LP – the terminal symphony LP + CD (type 85)
Rene hell terminal symphony bonus CD w/LP : The Hilton (type 85)
Freidberger, matthew - Meet Me In Miramas (THR 262b LP)
Callahan, Bill - Apocalypse CD (DC 450CD)
High Llamas - Talahomi Way CD (DC 469CD)
Low – C’mon (sub pop) april 2011 (higher quality version)


Higuma – pacific fog dreams LP (root strata 73) mar 2011
Ambarchi/Haino/O’Rourke LP - In A Flash Everything Comes Together As One There Is No Need For A Subject (black truffle) mar 2011
Fabric LP (spectrum spools)
Bee Mask LP (spectrum spools)
Rene hell LP – the terminal symphony LP + CD (type 85)
Rene hell terminal symphony bonus CD w/LP : The Hilton (type 85)
Christina carter – texas blues working (blackest rainbow 56) 2LP mar 2011
Mcguire, mark - A Young Person's Guide To Mark McGuire 2CD (EMEGO 117CD)
Whomadewho - Knee Deep LP+CD (KOM 230LP)
Lotus Eaters - Wurmwulv 2LP (TAIGA 015LP)
Taj mahal travellers - Live at the Moderna Museet in Stockholm, 1 July 1971 LP (B 137LP)
Taj mahal travellers - Live at the Moderna Museet in Stockholm, 9 July 1971 LP (B 138LP)
Caminiti, evan - When California Falls Into the Sea LP (HB 006LP)
Cluett, seth - Objects of Memory CD (LINE 048CD)
Chartier, richard - Transparency (Performance) CD (LINE 049CD)


Pauline oliveros / eliane radigue / yoshi wada / sun circle – attention patterns (black pollen press 01/important 263) dec 2010
Lawrence – sorry sun (smallville)
Akron family – akron family II (the cosmic birth and journey of shinju TNT) (dead oceans)
Hype Williams – one nation (hippos in tanks 008) mar 2011
Tape – revelationes (hapna 44) mar 2011
Sean mccann – the capital LP (Aguirre 07) mar 2011
Sean mccann – the sky is filled with incredible wishes bonus cs (Aguirre) mar 2011


january 2011 stuff
oystered radio 5
Moritz von oswald trio - horizontal structures
peaking lights - 936
akron family - cosmic birth and journey of shinju TNT

Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Month of Sundays

Winter still in full force. Just listened to a lot of january releases for EQ's post.

Further investigation:

Jason lescalleet – music for magnetic tape c20 (arbor 141) oct 2010
Before, after c24 cs (monorail trespassing 82) oct 2010


Lawrence - Sorry Sun 12" (SMALL 022EP)
Metal mountains - Golden Trees CD (AMI 042CD)
Callahan, Bill - Apocalypse CD (DC 450CD)
High Llamas - Talahomi Way CD (DC 469CD)
Gunn/Ilyas Ahmed, Steve: Decline of the Stiff/Ignored the End 7" (IMMUNE 017EP) Record store day.
Jones/The Black Twig Pickers w/ Charlie Parr, Glenn: Even to Win Is to Fail/EastMont Syrup LP (THR 268LP) Record store day.
Oval/Liturgy: Split LP (THR 270LP) Record Store day.
Four Tet / Daphni 12” (text)
Fabric – A sort of Radiance (spectrum spools 01) april 2011
Bee Mask – Canzoni dal Laboratorio del Cosmico (spectrum spools 02) april 2011
Low – C’mon (sub pop) april 2011
Bruce Gilbert (touch 7s)
Biosphere (touch 7s)
Rosy Parlane (touch 7s)
Mike Harding (touch 7s)
Biosphere – full length (touch)
Bj nilsen – full length (touch)
Chris Watson – full length (touch)
Fennesz sakamoto – full length (touch)
Fennesz – seven stars (four track ep) june 2011
Jesu – ascension (caldo verde) may 2011


Gregg Kowalsky - Battery Townsley LP (senufo editions)


Disappears – guider (kranky) better quality?
Stephan Mathieu – remain (line 47) FLAC
Sic alps – napa asylum (drag city) FLAC
Claudio rocchetti – the carpenter (presto!? 009LP) nov 2009
La sera – never come around 7” (hardly art 024) nov 2010
La sera – la sera (hardly art 30) feb 2011
Belong – common era (kranky) march 2011
Nudge – elaborate devices for filtering crisis (tigerbeat6) june 2003
Lawrence English & Stephen vitiello – acute inbetweens (cronica 057) march 2011
Can you dig it? The music & politics of black action films 1968-75 (soul jazz) September 2009
Gary war – horrible parade (sacred bones) sept 2009
Cleared – cleared (immune 014LP) jan 2011
Bee mask – canzone dal laboratorio del sienzio cosmic (gift tapes, jun 2010 / spectrum spools 02, apr 2011)
Mark kozelek – live at union chaple & sodra teatern (caldo verde)


Black bean soup
Venison shoulder roast
thai tomato soup w/ grilled cheese


Goose Island Big John (11.5)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Coffee & TV

Chess shredder. Bad time at the children’s center. Half days this week.

Spotted my first bobcat running across the road in front of my car heading to the grocery store.

Sunday bowling and then the ER. Everything’s fine though.

Looking forward to posting on EQ. Glad we’re not getting the heavy snowstorm we were supposed to. However, winter is still in full force.

C’mon, c’mon, c’mon, get through it…

Further investigation:

Red electric rainbow – ascending the divine (jugular forest) jun 2010
Red electric rainbow – come and melt your face off (sacred phrases) feb 2011
Christopher merritt – the constant farewell (sacred phrases) feb 2011 weedtemple sez “caboladies-like”
Sean mccann – nocturne (jugular forest j4f43 45cs) October 2010


The Alps – Easy Action (Mexican Summer) march 29 2011
High Llamas – Talahomi Way (drag city) april 19 2011
COMA: Famous 12" (KOM 226EP)
Panda bear - Surfers Hymn 7" (KOM 229EP)
Kaboom karavan - Barra Barra CD (MIA 015CD)
Skelton, Richard - Marking Time (Reissue) CD (PRE 018XCD)
Carter, Christina - Texas Blues Working 2LP (BRR 056LP)


Six organs of admittance – asleep on the floodplain (drag city) feb 2011
Bvdub – one last look at the sea (quietus 007d) feb 2011
Julianna barwick – the magic place (asthmatic kitty) feb 2011
Earth – angels of darkness, demons of light v.1 (southern lord) feb 2011
Ossining – I will be missed (digitalis v 21) feb 2011
Mandlebrot & Skyy – O-D Axis (digitalis v 27) feb 2011
Sanso-xtro – fountain fountain joyous mountain (digitalis 058v) feb 2011
William basinski – a red score in tile (streamline) feb 2011
Moritz von Oswald trio – horizontal structures (honest jon’s) feb 2011


Oystered radio 4, 5
January and February 2011 releases for EQ posts


Breaded chicken breast
Mach & cheese w/ cauliflower & carrot
Bean dip
Lemon rice soup
Chicken tikka masala
French fries
Egg salad

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Got To Get It Over

Quiet week on the web, culminating with the new Radiohead release.

Further investigation:

Mandelbrot & sky – OD_Axis (digitalis vinyl 27) radiant now 106
Ossining – I will be missed (digitalis vinyl 21) radiant now 100
Sanso-xtro – fountain fountain joyous mountain LP (digitalis) feb 2010


Hell, Rene – The Terminal Symphony CD + LP (Type)
Honig, Ezekiel – Folding in on Itself CD + LP (Type)
Lescalleet, Jason – Music for Magnetic Tape cass (arbor)
Moss – Moss (12k 2020) march 2011
Mueller, John – Alphabet of Movements LP (Type)
Panda bear – (kompakt)
Peaking Lights - Space Primitive one-sided 12” EP (Night-People)
Steps (Type)
Tape - Revelationes CD (HAPNA 044CD)

New this week:

Black eagle child / eureka – c49 (stunned no. 110)
Charlatan / Spare Death Icon – c42 (stunned no. 106)
Love cult / tempera – c46 (stunned no. 108)
Nite lite / waterfinder – Marjorie / the good heart c57 (stunned no. 111)
Summer tales / knit prism – c56 (stunned no. 107)
Torture corpse / architeuthis rex – c44 (stunned no. 109)


Ensemble economique – standing still facing forward LP (amish) jul 2010
Nicolas jaar – space is only noise (circus company 55) feb 2011
Tu’m – monochromes vol. 1 (line 40) june 2009
Eleh / ellen fullman – event locations / mind of no mind (important) dec 2010
Yuck – yuck (fat possum) feb 2011


Taylor deupree – shoals
Taylor deupree – live mapping
Tu’m – monochromes vol. 1 (line)
Broadcast – haha sound (warp)
Tomas bednarczyk – let’s make better mistakes tomorrow
Giuseppe ielasi – stunt (schoolmap)
Gregg kowalsky – tape chants (kranky)


Waiting for superman (documentary, Guggenheim “An inconvenient truth”)
Let me in (retelling of swedish “let the right one in”) vampire drama
Never let me go
Conviction (H. Swank, Juliette Lewis, based on a true story)


Venison/buffalo meatballs
Spicy Refried bean dip
Lentil spinach curry soup
Mexican garbonzo bean soup

Monday, February 14, 2011

Show of Strength

Lost weekend from hell: ice fishing. The short version: minnow dump, dulled auger blade – no replacement blades. Next day: truck gets stuck in snow in cemetery, no nice sized perch. And today my body feels like I played NFL football. Tired and sore.


Ken Camden – lethargy & repercussion LP (kranky 210) march 2010
Bellows – handcut LP (planam) aug 2010
Cindytalk / Robert hampson – 10” (eMego) may 2010
Stephan Mathieu – a static place (12k) feb 2011
Klimek – movies is magic extended LP (anticipate) april 2010
3/4hadbeeneliminated – oblivion (die schachtel)
Bill orcutt – a new way to pay old debts + 7” + 4 (eMego)


Pantha du prince – black noise (XI Versions) w/ mortiz von, walls, Lawrence, four tet, sight below, jost, etc.)
Prefuse 73 – the only she chapters (warp)
Makoto Kawabata – white summer of love dreamer (blackest rainbow)
A – II 2LP (die schachtel)
Ratti, Nicola – 220 Tones CD (die schachtel)
Ambarchi Pupillo – Frizione LP (die schachtel)
Mathieu, Stephan – to describe George Washington bridge 10” (dekorder)
Machinefabriek & gareth davis – ghost lanes LP (dekorder)
Astral social club – generator breaker LP (dekorder)
Rishaug, Alexander – shadow of events LP/CD (dekorder)
Six organs of admittance – asleep on the floodplain (drag city)
Higgins, Gary - A Dream A While Back CD (DC 464CD)


Stephan Mathieu – a static place (12k)
Kassel jaeger – aerae (senufo)
Autistici – volume objects (12k)
Sun kil moon – admiral fell promises (caldo verde)
Eliane radigue – jouet electronique / elemental I (alga marghen) jan 2011
3/4HadBeenEliminated – oblivion (die schachtel) jan 2011
Motion sickness of time travel – the veil of unconsciousness (digitalis) jan 2011
Sic alps – napa asylum (drag city) jan 2011
Bill orcutt – a new way to pay old debts (eMego)
Stephan Mathieu + taylor deupree – transcriptions (spekk)
Taylor deupree – shoals (12k)
Ken Camden – lethargy and repercussions (kranky)
Frank bretschneider – komet (shitkatapult) feb 2011


Kassel jaeger – aerae (senufo editions 5)
Eliane Radigue – jouet electronique / elemental 1 (alga marghen) jan 2011
Scorch trio – melaza (rune grammofon) dec 2010
Wolfgang voigt – du must nichts sagen 12” (profan 34) jan 2011
Wolfgang voigt – umbau 1 12” (protest 03 / profan) jan 2011
VA – Tasogare : Live in Tokyo (12k 2019) feb 2011
Mogwai – rano pano / hasenheide 7” (sub pop 918) jan 2011
Mogwai – music for a forgotten future (the singing mountain) bonus disc w/ hardcore feb 2011
Vanessa rossetto – mineral orange (kye) nov 2010
Mogwai – Mexican grand prix 7” (rock action) jan 2011
Dum dum girls – he gets me high (sub pop) feb 2011
Peaking lights – 936 (not not fun 217) feb 2011
Ken Camden – lethargy & repercussion LP (kranky) march 2010
Jason lescalleet – fantasy & electricity7” (kye)
Mark templeton – sea point 12” (anticipate)
Rainbow Arabia – boys & diamonds (kompakt) feb 2011


Chicken thai noodle
Cincinnati chili
Fresh fish sandwich
Chicken & dumplings
Tuna bagel

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Too Much is Not Enough

Not much to say this week. Haven't felt good all week. Continued the bad cold, then just sort of started feeling off (too much caffeine? not enough caffeine?).

February rolls on... Looking like another arctic plunge - highs in low double digits, low single digits. Here we go.

Lots of great music though. Too much to even listen to.


Shackleton - Deadman 12" (HJP 052EP)
Shackleton - Fireworks/Undeadman 2x12" (HJP 053EP)
Von Oswald Trio, Moritz - Horizontal Structures CD (HJR 054CD)
Implodes - Black Earth CD (KRANK 156CD)
Noveller – Desert Fires (weird forest)
Eternal Tapestry – Beyond the 4th Door (thrill jockey)
Sanstro-Xtro – Fountain Fountain joyous Mountain (digitalis/dial square)
Cleared - cs (dial square)


Broadcast – Tender Buttons (warp)
Graham Lambkin & Jason Lescalleet – Air Supply (Erstwhile)
Ekkehard Ehlers & Paul Wirkus – Ballads (Staubgold)
Aethenor – En Form For Bla (vhf)
Seefeel – Seefeel (warp)
Seefeel – Faults (warp)
Ducktails – III: Arcade Dynamics (Woodsist)
Caboladies – Psychic Birthmark
Caboladies – Optopio
Pop Ambient 2011 (kompakt)
Caboladies – Body Tides
Stephan Mathieu & Ekkehard Ehlers – Heroin (Brombrom)
Jodi cave – for myria (12k)
Taylor Deupree & Christopher Willits – Listening Garden (L_ine)
Giuseppe Ielasi – August (12k)
Savvas Ysatis & Taylor Deupree – The Sleeping Morning (12k)
Autistici – Volume Objects (12k)
Willits & Sakamoto – Ocean Fire (12k)
Caboladies – Psychic Birthmark
Cabolabies – Earth Canal (students of decay)
Tim hecker – ravedeath 1972 (kranky)
Frank bretschneider – komet (shitkatapult) feb 2011
VA – SMM : Context (ghostly) feb 2011
Eternal tapestry – beyond the 4th door (thrill jockey) feb 2011


Fabio Orsi – Stand Before Me Oh My Soul (Preservation) jan 2011
Seefeel – faults EP (warp) sept 2010
Caboladies – Psychic Birthmark (slow tapes) may 2008
Caboladies – Optopio (rampart tapes) 2007
Caboladies – Body Tides (mountain) sept 2007
Pop ambient 2011 (kompakt) jan 2011
Stephan Mathieu – a static place (12k 1064) feb 2011
Andreas tilliander – show rmxs 2010
Deaf Center – Owl Splinters (type) feb 2011
Jazkamer – chestnut thornback tar (type) feb 2011
Tim hecker – ravedeath 1972 (kranky) feb 2011
VA – SMM: Context (ghostly international) feb 2011
Area c – map of circular thought (preservation) jan 2011
Juv – juv (miasmah) feb 2011
Eternal tapestry – beyond the 4th door (thrill jockey) feb 2011
Sean mcccan – fountains (roll over rover) jun 2010


Jambo beans and rice
Chicken thai soup
Potato leek soup
Morrocan stew

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Slow Nerve Action

Huge Papa Sprain jag today. Found some bonus tracks, live show, and demos. Uploaded Tech Yes to Friendsound blog.

Huge Caboladies kick today. Talked to kirk about beer (yay)!


Tape - Revelationes CD (HAPNA 044CD)
Rainbow Arabia - Without You 7" (KOM 225EP)


Gregg Kowalsky – Tape Chants (kranky) july 2009
Asuna + Opitope – Sunroom (Students of Decay)
Destroyer – Kaputt (merge) jan 2011
Ryonkt – past memory and image (students of decay) nov 2010
Robag wruhme – mix (kompakt) jan 2011
Super minerals – the hoax (stunned) jan 2011
Minutiae – (stunned) jan 2011
Mogwai – hardcore will never die (sub pop) jan 2011
Matthew friedberger – napoleonette (thrill jockey) jan 2011


Aethenor – en form for bla (vhf) jan 2011
Matthew Friedberger – Napoleonette LP (thrill jockey) jan 2011
Destroyer – “The Laziest River” vinyl bonus track (merge) jan 2011
Bardo Pond – s/t (fire) jan 2011
Papa sprain – demos
Papa sprain – peel session
Papa sprain – live @ the marquee ‘91
Jefre cantu-ledesma – two suns (root strata)
Celer – poulaine (students of decay) oct 2009
Jatoma – little houseboat remixe (kompakt) 216) jan 2011
Mokira – bias line 7” (ideal)
Super minerals – the hoax (stunned no. 104) jan 2011
Sebastien bouchet – fallen angel (kompakt 218) nov 2010
Walls – gauberdine rmx (kompakt digital 10) October 2010
Simon scott – silenne (slaapwel) nov 2010
Seefeel – s/t (warp) jan 2011
Caboladies – Constellation deformity (smooth tapes) may 2009
Carl Calm (caboladies) – Dayglo Port (dekorder 45) October 2010
Sun circle – sun circle (autumn/lichen) December 2008


Barney’s Version
Blue Valentine


Taco salad
Lentil spinach soup
Hot dogs

Monday, January 24, 2011

Standing Up Straight

Jeff and holly visit for a two night stay. Lots of playoff football, soup, Indian food, snacks, jokes, etc. Toy Story 3 from Netflix.

More snow and the coldest temps of the season so far expected later this week. Lake effect advisory from Thurs-Fri along with arctic air. It’s been so dark and cloudy during the day, not noticing the sunlight change so much in the morning or the evening this week.

I’m predicting Packers (vs. Bears) and Jets (vs. Steelers) in this year’s Big Game.

Wednesday focused heavily on burning CDs that have been mounting: missed 2010 releases, new, January 2011 releases and some loose ends in general. Cleaned up Superlongevity Five (and burned on three unmixed CDs in vinyl running order), Ielasi Stunts.

Other focus musically this week has been on Students of Decay (Ryonkt), Opitope, Asuna, Senufo Editions, Spekk, Chihei Hatakeyama, Jefre Cantu Ledesma (“Black is the Colour” and the “Within Mirrors” DVD), the latter still available from Mimaroglu. Might have to bite on that and the new Gregg Kowalsky on Senufo Editions when Keith gets it in (or, if, hopefully).


Better quality Barn Owl & Infinite Strings Ensemble – Headlands (Important)
Dag Rosenqvist & Simon Scott – Conformists (music for a film) (low point) dec 2010
Waiting for Erik to drop full Robag Wruhme mix on Kompakt
“Killin’ the Vibe” Ducktails feat. Panda Bear courtesy Rick
Students of Decay first quarter 2011 mix courtesy Rick
Disappears – Lux (kranky) april 2010
Disappears – Guider (kranky) jan 2011
Jefre Cantu-Ledesma – Bloodstream Sermon (arbor) feb 2010
Minoru Sato + Asuna – One as Two (senufo editions #4) july 2010
Fabio Orsi – Winterreise (slow flow rec) march 2010
Jefre Cantu-Ledesma – Floating Weeds (Twonicorn) august 2006
Ryonkt – Small Converations (Experimedia) nov 2009
Minoru Sato + Asuna – Texture in Glass Tubes and Reed Organ (spekk) sept 2007
Kyle Bobby Dunn – Por Les Octaves (peasant magick) jan 2011
Bv dub – the art of dying alone (glacial movements) jul 2010
Minutiae – plane sight (stunned) jan 2011

Further investigation:

Jüppala Kääpiö - sporing promenade (omnimemento) cookshop may 2010
Jüppala Kääpiö – rainbow mask (omnimemento) deleted scenes may 2010
Jüppala Kääpiö – tomentum totem (peasant magik) november 2010
Chihei Hatakeyama – The Secret Distance of Tochka (boid) oct 2009
Chihei Hatakeyama – Variations (soundscaping) oct 2010
Kyle Bobby Dunn – Rural Route no. 2 (standard form) august 2010
Ryonkt – North Small Town (Hibernate) may 2010
Ryonkt – Window to the Room (Under the Spire) jan 2010
Jefre Cantu-Ledesma – Black is the Colour of my True Love’s Hair (static caravan) dec 2006
Jefre Cantu-Ledesma – Voice Sutra (Root Strata 01) 2005 I’ll Read You A Story
Jefre Cantu-Ledesma – Within Mirrors DVD (students of decay) September 2010
Jefre Cantu-Ledesma – Constellations of Spring (Root Strata 13)
Jefre Cantu-Ledesma – Two Suns (Root Strata 04)




New Senufo editions (#9 – Gregg Kowalsky)
New Panda Bear on Kompakt
New Stephan Mathieu on 12k (and Line)!!!


Taylor Deupree & Stephan Mathieu – Transcriptions (Spekk)
Students of Decay – First Quarter sampler 2011
Fabio Orsi – Winterreise (Slow Flow) march 2010
Jefre Cantu-Ledesma – Bloodstream Sermon (arbor) feb 2010
Asuna + Opitope – Sunroom (Students of Decay) march 2010
Oystered 3
Oystered 4


All Good Things
Another Year
Rabbit Hole


The Social Network


Peanutty soba noodles
Mexican (garbonzo) bean soup
Chicken thai soup
Tomato thai soup + grilled cheese
Chicken soup w/ dumplings

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Clear Light / Clear Rush

where is the sun???

the piliated woodpecker seems to be making regular, daily visits to the backyard. gotta get a picture.

start compiling year end list/mix CD for friends for the end of 2011. stay on it!!!

jeff and holly coming. supposed to get 5" - 9" of snow. playoffs.

continued checking year end lists on line.


bardo pond - bardo pond 2LP (fire) january 2011
mokira - bias line 7" (ideal 065-7) jan 2011


ensemble economique - psychical (not not fun) oct 2010
ducktails - III: Arcade Dynamics (woodsist) jan 2011
messages - before after (de stijl) april 2010
golden retriever - 2 (bucket factory) june 2010
pale blue sky - shades of grey (arbor) february 2010
pale blue sky - souvenir (jugular forest) march 2010
mogwai - hardcore will never die but you will (sub pop) jan 2011
gate - a republic of sadness (ba da bing) aug 2010
1958-2009 - III (ekhein) jun 2010
earn - in a year (jugular forest) mar 2010
kevin drumm - s/t (thin wrist) may 2010
robag wruhme - Wuppdeckmischmampflow CD INCOMPLETE (KOMP 084CD) jan 2011
motion sickness of time travel - seeping through the veil of the unconscious (digitalis ltd vinyl 032) jan 2011
fursaxa - mycorrhizae realm (atp) mar 2010
dead c - patience (ba da bing) oct 2010
beach house - teen dream (sub pop) jan 2010

search for higher quality:

Eleh - Radiant Intervals
robag wruhme - Wuppdeckmischmampflow

more search:

from dusted / jon dale:

Saint Etienne - Tiger Bay, Good Humor, Finisterre and Tales From Turnpike House deluxe reissues (Heavenly)
Mount Kimbie - Crooks and Lovers (hotflush) july 2010
beach house - teen dream (sub pop) january 2010
hisato higuchi - henzai (family vineyard) nov 2010
dead c - patience (ba da bing) october 2010

dusted / brad lebonte

david maranha - antarctica (roaratorio) march 2010

dusted / cole goins

Mi Ami – Steal Your Face (Thrill Jockey)

from soundeyet:

42. messages - after before (destijl)
32. high wolf - 'shangri l.a' (maomoo) july 2010 & 'ascension' (not not fun)
31. suum cuique - midden (young americans) aug 2010
30. fursaxa - mycorrhizae realm (atp) march 2010
27. kim doo soo - evening river (p.s.f. / blackest rainbow)
24. group inerane - guitars from agadez vol. 3 (sublime frequencies)
22. ignatz - mort aux vaches
21. pete swanson - where i was
18. moritz von oswald trio - live in ny
4. swans - my father will guide me up a rope to the sky
3. gate - a republic of sadness
1. the dead c - patience

from Nature unveiled:

Sun City Girls - Funeral Mariachi
Daniel Higgs - Say God
Hype Williams
Forest Swords - Dagger Paths
Zola Jesus - Stridulum/ Valusia
Gary War - Police Water
Sean McCann - Fable Shop/Fountains/Open Resolve
Bill Orcutt - A New Way To Pay Old Debts
Games - That We Can Play (the rejected soundtrack to Tron Legacy's original incarnation: Tron 2D: Digital Beach Party)
Golden Retriever - 2

from The Wire:

01 Actress - Splazsh
03 Swans - My father will guide me up a rope to the sky
06 Rangers - Suburban tours
11 Sun City Girls - Funeral mariachi
12 Annette Krebs & Taku Unami - Motobachii
26 Bellows - Handcut
28 Hype Williams - s/t
37 Moon Wiring Club A spare tabby at the cat's wedding
40 Jailbreak - The Rocker
42 Pedestrian Deposit - East fork/North fork
43 Group Inerane - Guitars from Agadaz vol 3

avant rock:

Expo 70 Where Does Your Mind Go? (Immune)
Sun Circle Lessness (Arbor Infinity)


Kangding Ray Pruitt Igoe (Raster-Noton)
Nest Retold (Serein)

outer limits:

Sculpture Rotary Signal Emitter (Dekorder)

from uaxuxtum:

22. Sean McCann - Fountains
19. 1958-2009 - II (ekhein)
17. Silver Bullets - Città Invisibili (stunned)
16. Rene Hell - Baroque Arcade
10. Thee Oh Sees - Warm Slime
07. Sundrips - Slow Futures
01. Rangers - Suburban Tours

From the radiant now:

11. Tuluum Shimmering – Flowers Are Offered
10. Svarte Greiner – Penpals Forever (and Ever)

From scrapyard forecast:

2. pale blue sky - shades of grey (arbor) feb 2010
5. mark mcguire - off in the distance (cylindrical habitat modules) july 2010

from Basic Sounds:

Pawel – Pawel (Dial)
BV Dub - The Art of Dying Alone (Glacial Movements)

from Killed In Cars

9. Ajilvsga – The Origin of the Chaul 4xcass (Dial Square Tapes)
12. Demdike Stare – Liberation Through Hearing (Modern Love)
19. Gate – Republic of Sadness (Ba Da Bing!)
20. ANBB – Mimikry (raster-noton)

from Boomkat

21. Radio People (sam Goldberg of Emeralds) – s/t LP (digitalis)
29. Dolphins into the Future – Ke Ala Ke Kua (kraak)3
51. Demdike Stare – Forest of Evil (Modern Love)
78. Sun City Girls – Funeral Mariachi (Abduction)

Reissues #48. Kevin Drumm – s/t 2LP (Thin Wrist)
Compilations #4. Demdike Stare – Osmosis (Demdike Stare)
Other lists: Demdike Stare – Voices of Dust (Modern Love)

from glowing raw:

16. Omar Khorshid - Guitar El Chark (sublime frequencies)

from Headphone Commute:

Demdike Stare – Voices of Dust (Modern Love)
Moritz Von Oswald Trio – Live In New York (Honest Jon’s)
Vladislav Delay as Sistol – On the Bright Side (Halo Cyan)
Gultskra Artikler – Galaktika (Other Electricities)
Anders Ilar – Stories Of Old (Yard Rec)
Shed – The Traveler (Ostgut Ton)
bvdub – The Art of Dying Alone (Glacial Movements)
Chris Abrahams – Play Scar (Room40)

more stuff to try and find:

Barn Owl & the Infinite strings ensemble - headlands (important) jan 2011


create Pop Ambient playlist

check out:

Ferarro - Marble surf, heaven's gate, clear, and discovery.

check out on line:

students of decay 1st quarter stream:
digitalis early '11 stream:


BJ Nilsen & Stillupsteypa - Space Finale (eMego)
Ekkehard Ehlers & Paul Wirkus - Ballads (staubgold)
Fabio Orsi & Valerio Cosi - Thoughts Melt in the Air (Preservation)
Ambient not not Ambient (audio dregs)
Zelienople - Land of Smoke (root strata)
Koen Holtkamp - Make Haste (a room forever)
Gas - Nah und Fern (vinyl bonus track)
Vladislav Delay - Anima (reissue bonus track)
Four Tet - Ringer (domino)
Ensemble Economique - Psychical (not not fun) oct 2010
messages - before after (de stijl) april 2010
golden retriever - 2 (bucket factory) june 2010
pale blue sky - shades of grey (arbor) february 2010
gate - a republic of sadness (ba da bing) aug 2010
1958-2009 - iii (ekhein)
pale blue sky - souvenir (jugular forest) mar 2010
earn - in a year (jugular forest) mar 2010
kevin drumm - s/t 1st (thin wrist) june 2010
sic alps - napa asylum (drag city) jan 2011
bv dub - tribes at the temple of silence (home normal) jan 2011
concern - caesarean (slow flow)


watched Speaking in Code on Pitchfork about David Day, FE, techno.

Ebert's top 10 from 2010:

1. the social network
2. the king's speech
3. black swan
4. i am love
5. winter's bone
6. inception
7. the secret in their eyes
8. the american
9. the kids are all right
10. the ghost writer


Macaroni & Cheese
teriyaki chicken w/ soba noodles
egg salad

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

So Far

Busy checking year end lists/charts from: Dusted, Boomkat, Root Blog, Wire, OM, AQ, VT, and other blogs. Didn't think I'd fall for it this year, but did.

***remember to check out the two latest Oh Sees records on In The Red.

Brief interest in grabbing all the SYR records - the 9th installment is due out in February.

Just learned about new NFL overtime rules for the playoffs. Sounds like a good adjustment.

The sun seems to be - I should say 'light' - seems to be lasting longer in the evening - about 5:30pm. "Sunrise", however, is stuck at 8:20am. Been cloudy as hell for nearly 2 months straight ~ no joke.

Saw the piliated woodpecker twice this week, once being on new year's day. gotta mean good things, right?

Gotta get with Rick about *the big idea*


September Wire, 2009 (David Sylvian cover)

Grabbed this week:

Root Strata Winter Solstice Mix jan 2011
Graham Lambkin & Jason Lescalleet - Air Supply (Erstwhile) oct 2010
Michael Pisaro & Taku Sugimoto - 2 Seconds, B Minor, Wave (Erstwhile) nov 2010
Mark Fell - Multistability bonus 7" (Raster-Noton) nov 2010
King Tubby & the Dynamites - Sound System International (Pressure Sounds) 2009/1976
BJ Nilsen & Stiluppsteypa - Space Finale (editions DeMego) aug 2010
Geoff Mullen - A Dust Futures (digitalis) nov 2010
Mike Shiflet - Llanos (editions shiflet) oct 2010
Alvin Curran - Under The Fig Tree / The Magic Carpet (Die Schachtel) march 2010
Catherine Christer Hennix - Radio show broadcast on Dutch National Radio station De Concertzender, June 6, 2005

still want:

alice coltrane (root blog)
bv dub - the art of dying alone (glacial movements)
bv dub - a silent reign (styrax)
dolphins into the future - ke ala ke kua (kraak)
bill orcutt x2
singer - unhistories (drag city) march 2008
soft circle (black dice guy + ben vida) - shore obsessed (post present medium) january 2011
jason kahn - vanishing point (23five)
oren ambarchi & keith rowe - treatise (alga marghan)
andrew chalk & daisuke suzuki - in faxfleet clouds uplifted autumn gave passage to kind nature (faraway press)
barn owl & infinte string ensemble
scott tuma stuff
ensemble economique - psychical (not not fun)
sun circle
scorch trio - melaza
within mirrors
Nicolas Bernier - The Dancing Deer (home normal)
pine smoke lodge
padang food tigers
tuluum shimmering
sean mccann


Stephan Mathieu - (line)
Fabio Orsi - (preservation)
Starfuckers - (holy mountain) reissue
Belong - (kranky)
Pop Ambient 2011
Robag Wruhme - (kompakt)
Bill Orcutt - A New Way to Pay old Debts + 7" +4 extra (eMego)

Listened to this week:

Belong - Colorloss Record (St. Ives)
Janek Schaefer - Extended Play (Line)
Jim O'Rourke - The Visitor (Drag City)
Akira Rabelais - Caduceus (Samadhisound)
Superlongevity 5 (Perlon)
Mike Shiflet - Llanos (Editions Shiflet)
Sohrab - A Hidden Place (Touch)
Root Strata Winter Solstice Mix
Six Organs of Admittance - Shelter From The Ash
Graham Lambkin & Jason Lescalleet - Air Supply (erstwhile) oct 2010
Graham Lambkin & Jason Lescalleet - The Breadwinner (erstwhile) march 2008
Alvin Curran - Under the Fig Tree / The Magic Carpet (die schachtel) march 2010
King Tubby & the Dynamites - Sound System International (Pressure sounds) 2009/1976

Don't forget about:

Six Organs' Luminous Night
Ethernet - 144 pulsations (kranky)

Boomkat friday 1/7/11:

joseph hammer - i love you, please love me too (pan) mar 2010
eliane radigue - jouet electrnique / elemental 1 (alga marghen) jan 2011
bv dub - tribes at the temple of silence (home normal) jan 2011

Food this week:

Mexican garbonzo bean soup w/ queso fresco
Black Bean soup w/ salsa
Quinoa with soy sauce


mid 2011:

North Peak: Furry
Grizzly Peak: Humungous, Berserker & Hellion.

Films to check out:

Somewhere (Sofia Coppola)
127 Hours