Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Time Thief

Here’s a month’s worth of new music found since the last post. Summer’s turning busy, and too bad it feels almost over. You just can’t deny the sun’s angle in the sky and the way it makes you feel like autumn. And the fact that sunrise is closing in on 7am again. Highlight of the summer/year so far is reuniting with old friends that I lost contact with some 20+ years ago. What an incredible 18 or so hours. Much too short but it sounds like we may hopefully be able to get together again in the not so distant future. I just can’t stop thinking about everybody. Gregg: I apologizing for smiling giddily for the first few hours non-stop pretty much before someone hit FF on father time and before you knew it, I was not able to express myself fully and find out more about whatcha been doin’, as Oberon and lack of sleep was fucking with us all. Fun Beatles set though. And it’s difficult to get back to the daily routine, and the inevitability of lots of change/very busy days ahead, in the near future with school, soccer, etc. Blarggie, blarggie.

Further investigation:

New-ish (june, july) VHF titles from Cian Nugent, Jesse Sparhawk & Eric Carbonara


Driphouse – LP (spectrum spools 008)
Mark mcguire – get lost (emego 123)

New this week:

Isidore ducasse (cantu-ledesma & William trevor Montgomery) – s/t (blackest rainbow 219) aug 2011
Concern – living wage c20 (digitalis ltd 220) aug 2011
Jim o’rourke – old news no. 6 (old news)
Fell / rehberg – 12” (emego)
Container – LP (spectrum spools 007) aug 2011
Clams casino – instrumentals (type) aug 2011
Red horse – red horse LP (type) aug 2011

Missed (still interested):

Trophies – become objects of daily use (monotype) july 2011


Thee oh sees – castlemania (in the red) may 2011
Maria Minerva – cabaret cixous (not not fun) aug 2011
Lawrence – above the sky (mule 77) april 2011
Date palms – honey devash (Mexican summer 86) aug 2011
Dum dum girls – only in dreams (sub pop) august 2011
Fennesz + sakamoto – flumina (commons JAP) aug 2011
Eternal tapestry – doorways in the sand (night gallery bonus track) (thrill jockey) july 2011
Mark ernestus meets bbc – version (honest jon’s 57) aug 2011
Sun araw – ancient romans (sun ark 12) aug 2011
Lawrence – timeless (mix) (cocoon) aug 2011
The field – looping state of mind (kompakt) aug 2011
Starving weirdos – rolled in the midst of never ceasing currents flowing without rest forever onward (bo’weavil) june 2011
Alessandro bosetti – royals (monotype) mar 2011
Father – return of father (root strata) aug 2011

Older stuff:

Villalobos – what’s wrong my friends (perlon 59) nov 2006
James Jackson toth – waiting in vain (ryko) aug 2008
Religious knives – remains (no fun 13) jan 2007
Kevin drumm – sheer hellish miasmah extra track reissue (emego) feb 2007