Sunday, April 24, 2011

It's only life

Yet another spring snowstorm cancels school on Wednesday. A record setting 10" of snow. That pretty much sums up the week.

Further investigation:

Bridget Hayden - A Siren Blares In An Indifferent Ocean (k-raa-k) apr 2011 (Higher Quality)
United waters (mouthus) – your first ever river (arbitrary signs) apr 2011


Fourcolor – as pleat (12k) may 2011
Alessandro bosetti – royals cd (monotype) apr 2011
Lionel marchetti – une saison 2xcd (monotype) apr 2011
Jasper tx – black sun transmissions (fang bomb)
Mike Weis - Loop Current / Raft (barge)

New this week:

Tuneyards – who kill (4ad) apr 2011
Sean mccann – mammoth mountain c28 cass + c25 box set (avant archive 009) apr 2011
Taylor deupree – journal (12k 3010) apr 2011
Jon Mueller – alphabet of movements LP (type) april 2011
Ezekiel honig – folding in on itself LP (type) april 2011

Missed (still interested in):

Part wild horses mane on both sides – low fired clay escape LP (carnivals 003) mar 2011
Evan Caminiti - When California Falls into the Sea (LP) (handmade birds 006) apr 2011
Leyland Kirby - Intrigue & Stuff Vol.1 (LP) (History always favours the winners 009) apr 2011
Jon Mueller – The Whole bonus CD with LP – Olivia Block remix (type v74, 082) October 2010


Oval/liturgy – split ep (thrill jockey) record store day apr 2011
Implodes – black earth (kranky) apr 2011
Mark McGuire – a young persons guide (eMego 117) apr 2011
Va – 410 (room 40)
Black eagle child – lobelia (preservation) feb 2011
Tuneyards – who kill (4ad) apr 2011
John chantler – the luminous ground (room40) apr 2011
Crystal stilts – in love with oblivion (slumberland) apr 2011
Pantha du prince – xi versions of black noise (rough trade) apr 2011
Sean mccann – prelusion CD-r (recital) mar 2011
Gusgus – magnified love (kompakt digital 12) april 2011
Kaboom caravan – barra barra (miasmah 15)
Mv & ee – country stash (3 lobed 76)
Moon duo – mazes (+ remixed) (sacred bones 50)


feb 2011

Monday, April 18, 2011


Got on a bit of a Billy "(Smog)" Callabash kick this week. New album's good too. Tough week - birthday boy's birthday and continued sickness, basement flooding, winter weather, etc.

Time to catch up on open tabs, music reviews, and 2011 releases not found yet through the usual channels. Lots of new stuff to get excited about.


Fell, Mark - Manitutshu 2x12" (EMEGO 116EP)
Ohayo - The State We Are In CD (HAPNA 045CD)
Kreng - Grimoire CD (MIA 016CD)
VA - Enjoy The Silence Vol. 2 CD (MULE 020CD)
Fourcolor - As Pleat CD (12K 1065CD)
AGF - Gedichterbe CD (AGF 015CD)
Sanso-xtro - Fountain Fountain Joyous Mountain CD (DIGI 058CD)
Vladislav Delay Quartet - Vladislav Delay Quartet CD (HJR 056CD)
Flugel, Roman - Desperate Housemen 12" (PLAYRJC 012EP)
Jules, Marsen - Nostalgia CD (OKTAF 003CD)
O'Rourke, Jim - Old News #5 2LP (OLDNEWS 005LP)
Singing Skies, The - Routine And War CD (PRE 032CD)
Wooden Hand - Circle 7" (CRITTER 001EP)
People Like Us - Welcome Abroad CD (IA 124CD)


Autechre – 6852 (warp/atp japan benefit) apr 2011
Colorist – the fastest way to become the ocean 10” (serein 11.1) apr 2011
Va - Kompakt benefit compilation for japan (kom jap 001) apr 2011
Va - Benefit for the recovery in japan (an 012) mar 2011
High llamas – talahomi way (drag city) apr 2011
Deerhunter – memory boy 7” (4ad) apr 2011
Alps, the – easy action (Mexican summer) apr 2011


Panda Bear
Sun Araw - Houston Abtros 7" w/ Teenage Fanclub "December" cover

Monday, April 11, 2011

New Grass

Busy week. Back to the grind plus swimming, running, etc. I guess the big scores this week were Panda Bear, The Sea and Cake, Bill Callahan flac. Also spent time away from blogs trying to reorganize my email(s) and my flash drive. Gotta burn a bunch CDs and continue to figure out email, portable, and the whole EQ post.

Further investigation:

Toning – pitch the drone c31 (stunned no. 112) mar 2011
Air sign – our galactic covered wagons to the stars c38 (stunned no. 113) mar 2011
Garrincha & the stolen elk – we were Wyoming c20 (stunned no. 114) mar 2011
Parashi – troika c54 (stunned no. 115) mar 2011
Afterlife – hypnotic rinse c30 (stunned no. 116) mar 2011
m. geddes gengras – this could be the last time c69 (stunned no. 117) mar 2011


Jon Porras – Undercurrent LP (root strata 83) may 2011
Arrow Kleeman – Phase Reps and Builds cass (root strata 90) april 2011
Ekin Fil – Language (root strata 86) cass april 2011
Father – Return of Father (root strata 85) cass april 2011

Lawrence - Above The Sky 12" (MULE 077EP)
Deep magic - Lucid Thought CD (CIRCA 311CD)
Quiet evenings - Transcending Spheres CD (CIRCA 411CD)
Last hurrah!!, the - Spiritual Non-Believers CD (RCD 2109CD)
Deceh - Fundamental Structure Cassette (TTW 027CS)
Honig, ezekiel - Folding In On Itself CD (TYPE 088CD)
Forma (Mark Dwinell, Sophie Lam, & George Bennett) - Forma LP (SP 003LP)
Mist (Sam Goldberg (of Radio People) and John Elliott (Emeralds, Outer Space, Imaginary Softwoods): House 2LP (SP 004LP)
Mueller, john - Alphabet Of Movements LP (TYPE 092LP)
MV & EE - Country Stash LP (3LOBED 076LP)
Sightings - Future Accidents LP (OURMOUTH 025LP)
Sea and cake, the - The Moonlight Butterfly CD (THR 278CD)
Prefuse 73 - The Only She Chapters CD (WARP 208CD)

april 5:

Bill Callahan: Apocalypse [Drag City]
The Kills: Blood Pressures [Domino]
Matthew Dear: Slowdance EP [Ghostly International]
The Raveonettes: Raven in the Grave [Vice]

april 12:

Autechre: EPs 1991-2002 [Warp]
Low: C'Mon [Sub Pop]
Panda Bear: Tomboy [Paw Tracks]
Vivian Girls: Share the Joy [Polyvinyl]

april 16 (record store day):

Akron/Family: "bmbz" 12" [Dead Oceans]
Black Twig Pickers/Glenn Jones: Split [Thrill Jockey]
Deerhunter: "Memory Boy" 7" [4AD]
The Flaming Lips: Heady Nuggs: The First 5 Warner Bros. Records 1992-2002 [Warner Bros.] [box set]
Oval/Liturgy: Split [Thrill Jockey]
Panda Bear: Tomboy limited edition LP [Paw Tracks]

april 19:

Bonnie "Prince" Billy and Matt Sweeney: "Must Be Blind" b/w "Life in Muscle" [Drag City/Domino]
The High Llamas: Talahomi Way [Drag City]
Pantha du Prince: XI Versions of Black Noise [Rough Trade]

april 26:

Akita/Gustafsson/O'Rourke: One Bird Two Bird [Editions Mego]
Times New Viking: Dancer Equired [Merge]
WhoMadeWho: Knee Deep [Kompakt]

may 10:

City Center: Redeemer [K]
Dominik Eulberg: Diorama [Traum]
Jesu: Ascension [Caldo Verde]
Liturgy: Aesthetica [Thrill Jockey]
Mark McGuire: A Young Person's Guide to Mark McGuire [Editions Mego]
Mountains: Air Museum [Thrill Jockey]
The Sea and the Cake: The Moonlight Butterfly [Thrill Jockey]

may 17:

Damon & Naomi: False Beats and True Hearts [20/20/20]
Thee Oh Sees: Castlemania [In The Red]

may 24:

Thurston Moore: Demolished Thoughts [Matador]

may 31:

Seapony: Go With Me [Sup Pop]

june 7:

Jackie O Motherfucker: Earth Sound System [Fire]
Vetiver: The Errant Charm [Sub Pop]

june 14:

Barn Owl: Shadowland [Thrill Jockey]
Ty Segall: Goodbye Bread [Drag City]

New this week:

Tom Carter – All Ahead Now (root strata 67)
Ben Vida – Soft Epic (root strata 74) cass

Missed (still interested in):

MV & EE w/ Mick Flower – Hot Breezer (Heroine)
MV & EE w/ Mick Flower – Gis a Job (no homemade slop) (Heroine)


Derek rogers – informal meditations (no kings 009) feb 2011
Rafael toral – space elements v.3 (staubgold) april 2011
Sun araw – Houston abtros 7” (monofonus press) april 2011
Cleared – cleared c40 (digitalis ltd 158) mar 2011
Golden retriever – ardif c31 (agents of chaos 7036) mar 2011
Panda bear – tomboy (paw tracks) april 2011
The sea and cake – the moonlight butterfly (thrill jockey) apr 2011
Kyle bobby dunn – ways of meaning (desire paths recordings) april 2011
k-s.h.e. (terre thaemlitz) – routes not roots (skylax) mar 2011
ezekiel honig – scattered practices (microcosm music 17) sep 2006
arnold dreyblatt – turntable history (important) mar 2011
grouper – a I a : dream loss (yellow electric GR 006A-LP) april 2011
grouper – a I a : alien observer (yellow electric GR 006B-LP) april 2011
va – echocord jubilee compilation (echocord 50) april 2011


Panda bear – tomboy (paw tracks) april 2011



Friday, April 1, 2011

Never Learn Not To Love

Working on Neptune "primer" CD, 2CD compilation for Sarah and Aaron. Huge Yo La Tengo detour today as well, nice for spring, yet we’re under a winter storm warning scheduled to receive 7”-10” Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. I will be lucky if there’s school on Wednesday. Update: no school on Wednesday. I will be lucky if there is an allergy shot today.

Ran 43.7 miles in March!

Not finding yet, but would like to:

Jazkamer - Chestnut Thornback bonus CD
Rene Hell - The Hilton bonus CD

Further investigation:

Animal collective – sneaker cass (feat. Panda bear “the preakness”) (keep / Socorro island conservation fund)


Mountains – air museum (thrill jockey) may 10
Davis, Greg – Eyebright (agents of chaos c40 cass)
Gusgus - Arabian Horse CD (KOMP 089CD)
Wruhme, Robag - Thora Vukk 2LP +7" (PAMPA 002LP)
Toral, Rafael - Space Elements Vol. III CD (STAUBDIG 012CD)
Eulberg, Dominik - Diorama CD (TRAUM 024CD)
Grouper - A I A: Dream Loss LP (GR 006A-LP)
Grouper - A I A: Alien Observer LP (GR 006B-LP)

New this week:

Va – benefit for the recovery in japan (antiopic 012)


Higuma – Pacific Fog Dreams (Root Strata 73) mar 2011
Christina carter – texas blues working 2LP (blackest rainbow) mar 2011
Times new Viking – dancer equired (Wichita) mar 2011
Astral social club – happy horse (happy prince) may 2010
Matthew Friedberger – Meet Me in Miramas (thrill jockey) mar 2011
Bill Calahan – Apocalypse (drag city) mar 2011
Panda bear – surfer’s hymn 7” (kompakt) mar 2011
Richard skelton via Paul
Carousell (Richard Skelton) - Black Swallow & Other Songs LP (DIGI 020LP)


january, march stuff, yo la tengo.


The adjustment bureau (p.k.dick)
Cold weather
Of gods and men