Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy hunting ground

Two and a half weeks worth here. Just been swamped with soccer and swim and work and a wedding to spend any amount of time on music. Haven’t found a number of things released this year.

New this week:

Carl Calm – a party tide (no label) cassette
palmetto moon electronic group (carl calm) - restructures, one (no label) c28 cassette
Golden retriever – emergent layer (nna tapes)
northern spy (usa) #ns 007 cd
tom carter / marc orleans - eleven twenty-nine (northern spy 007) compact disc


Alva noto + ryuichi sakamoto – summvs (raster-noton 132) may 2011
Fourcolor – as pleat (12k 1065) may 2011
Forma – forma (spectrum spools 003) may 2011
Dominik eulberg – diorama (traum cd 24) may 2011
Jefre cantu-ledesma – shining skull breath LP (students of decay) may 2011
Sightings – future accidents (our mouth) apr 2011
vladislav delay quartet
matt Christensen – a cradle in the bowery (under the spire) may 2011
deep magic – lucid thought
tom carter – all ahead now (root strata) april 2011
ilyas ahmed / steve gunn – record store day split 7” (immune) april 2011
mist – house (spectrum spools 004) may 2011
jonas Reinhardt – music for the tactile dome (not not fun 230) may 2011
tiago sousa – walden pond’s monk (immune) may 2011
jasper tx – black sun transmissions (fang bomb) may 2011
mark fell – manitutshu (emego 116) may 2011

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Knee Trembler

Waaaay toooo busy this week with freelance work, soccer, swimming...


Wooden shjips – west (thrill jockey) aug 2011
Caboladies – renewable destination (students of decay) jun 2011
VA: Enjoy The Silence Vol. 2 LP+CD (MULE 078LP)
Dygas, margaret - Margaret Dygas CD (PERL 086CD)
Imaginary softwoods - The Path Of Spectrolite LP (AS 013LP)
Amazing births, the - Younger Moon LP (CHM 055LP) Julian Gulyas and Emeralds' Mark McGuire
Barn owl - From Our Mouths A Perpetual Light LP (NNF 123LP) originally a 2008 release
Friedberger, matthew - Old Regimes LP (THR 262C-LP)
Barn owl - Shadowland LP (THR 277LP)
Deadbeat - Drawn And Quartered CD (BLKRTZ 001CD)
Flugel, roman - Brasil 12" (DIAL 058EP)
Alva noto + ryuichi sakamoto - Summvs CD (R-N 132CD)
Reinhardt, jonas - Music from the Tactile Dome LP (NNF 230LP)
Cantu-ledesma, jefre - Shining Skull Breath LP (SOD 085LP) remastered by James Plotkin and features two new tracks not included on the original release

New this week:

Pacific support c75 cass (draft 008) april 2011 (w/ carl calm, greg davis, kfw, etc.)
Taigo sousa – walden pond’s monk (immune) may 2011
Zelienople / hisato haguchi – tsuki no seika, v4 (root strata) may 2011
Jon porras (elm, barn owl) – undercurrent (root strata) may 2011
Oren Ambarchi & Robbie Avenaim - Dream Request (bo'weavil SIDRA 05) may 2011
Starving Weirdos - Rolled In The Midst Of Never-Ceasing Currents Flowing Without A Rest Forever Onward (bo'weavil SIDRA 06) May 2011

Missed (still interested in):

Matt Christiansen – a cradle in the bowery (under the spire 40)
Seth cluett – objects of memory (line) may 2011 > sdf012


Taylor deupree – journal 7” (12k 3030) may 2011
Ezekiel honig – folding in on itself (type) may 2011
Religious knives – smokescreen (sacred bones) may 2011
Tomas jirku – psilence (basic sounds net label 009) may 2011
andrew chalk - violins by night (faraway press 019) LP TRACKS UNDIVIDED


not much:: older Fourcolor
the alps - easy action (mexican summer)
sea + cake - moonlight butterfly (thrill jockey)

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Breaking Hands

Busy week - swimming, soccer, freelance work. Not as much time for music as I'd like. But there seems to be some sort of lull in the action even though a ton of great new stuff is just coming out or about to (12k, Type, etc.) Tuneyards kinda blows. I dig the Dusted review.

Further investigation:

new Spectrum Spools stuff
new O'Rourke - old news
bj nilsen & stilluppsteypa - big shadow montana (helen scarsdale) april 2011
tomas jirku - psilence (basic sounds net label 009) may 2011
mokira - time axis manipulation (kontra-musik CD 01) may 2011
alessandro bosetti - royals (monotype records)
part wild horses on both sides - low fired clay escape LP (carnivals 003) march 2011
leyland kirby - intrigue & stuff (vol. 1) (history always favours the winners) apr 2011
Royal Baths – Litanies (Woodsist) apr 2011


Tejada, John - Unstable Condition 12" (KOM 227EP)
Kolombo - Waiting For 12" (KOM POP017EP)
Le Rock, Sid - Gentlemen's Intermission 12" (STRIKE 126EP)
Watson & Marcus Davidson, Chris - Cross-Pollination CD (TONE 043CD)
Vida / Keith Fullerton Whitman, Ben - Aggregatepulseripper (Damaged IIII) LP (AMIRW 033LP)

Oh Sees, Thee - Castlemania In The Red ITR 208 CD CD $8.85

Damon & Naomi - False Beats And True Hearts 20|20|20 202020 12 CD CD $8.85
Starfuckers - Metallic Diseases Holy Mountain HOLY 1981 / LP $10.85
Turnquist, Alexander - Hallway Of Mirrors Vhf VHF 126 CD CD $8.85


Greg davis – eyebright cass (agents of chaos) mar 2011
Prefuse 73 – the only she chapters (warp) apr 2011
Whomadewho – knee deep (kompakt 230) apr 2011
Roman fluegel – desperate housemen (live at Robert johnson) apr 2011
Robag wruhme – thora vukk (pampa 002) apr 2011
Mountains – air museum (thrill jockey) apr 2011
Metope - you are my beach (beachcoma) feb 2011


old Type playlist
February 2011 playlist
Grouper : A I A Alien Observer / A I A Dream Loss
Smog - Apocalypse
Golden Retriever - arda viraf (agents of chaos)