Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Is it washable?

A pretty great february: Autechre, Voigt & Voigt, preservation contrasts cassettes series, TM404, plus all the stuff from the last post. Excited about new Jules on 12k, MV & EE's Fuzzweed, new Aquarelle on Students of Decay, Orsi & Pimmon and more. Winter storm 'Q' coming this week.
Been on a huuuuuge Autechre kick since the early arrival of Exai. I stopped listening after Untilted, and spent the last week plus on Quaristice and its extras.

Further investigation

Chelsea Light Moving (new Thurston Moore proj. with Samara Lubelski, Keith ‘Hush Arbors’ Wood and John “SBHOTM” Moloney on Matador)


Primal scream – more light (first international) f/2013 w/Kevin shields may 2013
Aquarelle – august undone (students of decay)
Fabio orsi & pimmon – procrastination (home normal) February 2013
MV & EE – fuzzweed b/w fantasy set (three lobed 099) February 2013
Black sunroof! – 4 black suns and a sinister rainbow 2CD (handmade birds 050) February 2013
The howling hex – the best of the howling hex (drag city 545) February 2013
Marsen jules – the endless change of colour (12k) march 2013
Savvas ysatis + taylor deupree – origin (12k) march 2013
Psychic Ills – One Track Mind value add bonus 7” (ltd. 1000) “Radar Eyes” (The Godz) b/w “Cosmic Michael Theme” (Cosmic Michaels)
Sensate focus – 2 12” (sensate focus 2)
Sun kil moon & the album leaf – perils from the sea (caldo verde) april 2013
Quicksails – Mayville dream LP (spectrum spools 027)

New this week:

Eddie c – country city country (endless flight)
Spunk – das wohltemperierte spunk 6CD (rune grammofon 2140) february 2013
MV & EE with the Golden Smokehound – Helderberg Haze (tape drift 61) january 2013
Metaboman – ja/noe CD (music Krause 005cd) February 2013
Mark kozelek – like rats (caldo verde) February 2013 (covers of Bruno mars, bad brains, misfits, sonny & cher, godflesh, ted nugent and more)
Giuseppe ielasi – rhetorical islands (senufo edition # thirty nine) February 2013
Barn owl – v (thrill jockey) musical coma February 11 2013


Kesarbai kerkar – s/t LP (Mississippi 033LP) January 2013
Hair police – mercurial rites (type 113) February 2013
Cory allen – the great order (quiet design ALAS 20) february 2013
William ryan fritch – kaleidoscope (lost tribe sound) December 2012
Loren Connors & chris forsyth – contrasts (preservation contrasts cass series) February 2013
JD Emmanuel & Evan Caminiti – contrasts (preservation cass series) February 2013
Pimmon & deep magic – contrasts (preservation cass series) February 2013
Motion – pictures (12k 3012) February 2013 (orig. self released, 2000)
Autechre – exai (warp) February 2013
Tm404 – tm404 (kontra-music cd04) February 2013
Autechre – (keyosk) (exai jap bonus track)
Voigt & voigt – erdingertrax CD (erdingertrax CD1) january 2013
Michael pollard – translations 01 (spectrum spools 026) December 2012
Andrew pekler – cover versions (senufo editions # forty) February 2013
Voigt & voigt – die zauberhafte welt der anderen (kompakt 274) february 2013
William Basinski & Richard chartier – aurora liminalis (Line 060) February 2013
Lawrence – in a rush 12” (smallville 34) February 2013

Older stuff:

Autechre – medrey (tri repetae jap bonus track)
Autechre – nu-nr6d (quaristice jap bonus track)
Autechre – clnchr (move of ten jap bonus track)


Moonrise Kingdom


Bondoluo peek


Short's Aorta Ale
Short's Goodnight Bodacious
Bell's Smitten Golden Rye
Bell's Hopslam
Lagunitas Sucks

Monday, February 4, 2013

Give My Love To Kevin

This has been backlogging quite a bit. Holidays, then learned about Mixcloud (thanks Matty!), started compiling new ambient jamz for new Mixclouds, then got sidetracked with scouring boxes and youtubing for a "shoegaze" compilation for a friend, which got me side-sidetracked discovering Acetone which I totally ignored at the time but remembered Jason mentioning something to me about them a while back, which, in turn has sort of turned the shoegaze set into a mess and I've had to step back from it for a while. Figured I'd post that to mixcloud as well as an old Oystered mix, Perfect Sound Forever, and my two previously sorta-shoegaze mixes, "Mystery Mix" 1 & 2 all under the new "Cherry Picked" umbrella. New My Bloody Valentine was the perfect cleanser / distraction. It's exciting, and hopefully we'll hear more from Kevin sooner than later. Who doesn't need more glideguitar and seductive, strange songwriting from a true Original Artist in their life? New Mountains is great as well. Music, I think, has never been better. Super excited to see the new forthcoming Main (Hampson revitalized perhaps with one of my long-time faves, Stephan Mathieu) on eMego as well as Andreas Tilliander's new TM404 alias (the samples sound classic deep, Porter Ricks-styled Basic Channel and then some). Take some time to enjoy the new m b v everyone! Can't wait to get my vinyl copy.


Alan licht – four years older (emego 166) February 2013
Jim Haynes – the wires cracked LP (emego 171)
Main – ablation (emego 160)
Matt christensen – 1231 3”
B/B/S – Brick (miasmah) February 2013
Purling hiss – water on mars (drag city) January 2013
Pimmon / deep magic – split cass (preservation contrasts series)
Loren Connors / chris forsyth – split cass (preservation contrasts series)
Jd Emmanuel / evan caminiti – split cass (preservation contrasts series)
Va – your Victorian breasts (three:four records) february 2013 feat. Robert Hampson, Date Palms and Corridors


Hair Police – Mercurial Rites (Type)
TM404 (andreas tilliander) – TM404 CD (8-tracks) (kontra)
Andrew pekler – cover versions (senufo)
Ben vida – monoblock’s and 200 tracks b/w tq80108 (alku 119) January 2013
Mark Fell – Scale Structure Synthesis (alku 97) January 2013
Iibiis rooge – hespherides (weird forest) January 2013
Motion sickness of time travel – the perennials (boomkat) January 2013
Sean mccann – prelusion reissue (root strata) January 2013


Spacemen 3 / sun araw – split 7” (great pop supplement 89) December 2012
Grouper – the man who died in his boat (kranky) December 2012
Billow observatory – billow observatory (felte) December 2012
Jefre cantu-ledesma – speaking corpse (los discos enfantasmes, c42 cass) November 2012
Pop Ambient 2013 (kompakt) January 2013
Mountains – Centralia (thrill jockey) January 2013
Ricardo villalobos – dependent & happy pt. 4 12” (perlon 92-4) January 2013
Broadcast – the berberian sound studio (warp) January 2013
Ethernet – opus 2 (kranky) January 2013
Stephan Mathieu – un Coeur simple (baskaru) January 2013
Jar moff – commercial mouth (pan) January 2013
Psychic ills – one track mind (sacred bones 89) February 2013
KH (Four Tet) – The Track I’ve Been Playing That People Keep Asking About and That Joy Used in His RA Mix and Daphni Played on Boiler Room 12” (text 22) February 2013
Andrew chalk – mutsu no hana (an’archives 05) January 2013
Ducktails – the flower lane (domino 299) January 2013
Jasper tx – an index of failure (handmade birds) January 2013
Marcus fischer – on shore (bandcamp) CD-R JAP January 2013

Older stuff:

Marcus fischer – at frame (bandcamp) april 2012
Simon scott – aki (bandcamp/kesh) October 2012
The slaves – ocean on ocean (debacle 2010, Helen scarsdale December 2012)
Chora(s)san Time-Court Mirage – Live at the Grimm Museum Volume One (important 354) june 2012
Pan American / to rococo rot – split 7” (unhip) july 2003
Acetone – cindy
Acetone – if you only knew
Acetone – York blvd (2000)
Acetone – I guess I would (1995)


Jiro dreams of sushi
Sleepwalk with me
The lonliest planet


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