Sunday, February 27, 2011

Coffee & TV

Chess shredder. Bad time at the children’s center. Half days this week.

Spotted my first bobcat running across the road in front of my car heading to the grocery store.

Sunday bowling and then the ER. Everything’s fine though.

Looking forward to posting on EQ. Glad we’re not getting the heavy snowstorm we were supposed to. However, winter is still in full force.

C’mon, c’mon, c’mon, get through it…

Further investigation:

Red electric rainbow – ascending the divine (jugular forest) jun 2010
Red electric rainbow – come and melt your face off (sacred phrases) feb 2011
Christopher merritt – the constant farewell (sacred phrases) feb 2011 weedtemple sez “caboladies-like”
Sean mccann – nocturne (jugular forest j4f43 45cs) October 2010


The Alps – Easy Action (Mexican Summer) march 29 2011
High Llamas – Talahomi Way (drag city) april 19 2011
COMA: Famous 12" (KOM 226EP)
Panda bear - Surfers Hymn 7" (KOM 229EP)
Kaboom karavan - Barra Barra CD (MIA 015CD)
Skelton, Richard - Marking Time (Reissue) CD (PRE 018XCD)
Carter, Christina - Texas Blues Working 2LP (BRR 056LP)


Six organs of admittance – asleep on the floodplain (drag city) feb 2011
Bvdub – one last look at the sea (quietus 007d) feb 2011
Julianna barwick – the magic place (asthmatic kitty) feb 2011
Earth – angels of darkness, demons of light v.1 (southern lord) feb 2011
Ossining – I will be missed (digitalis v 21) feb 2011
Mandlebrot & Skyy – O-D Axis (digitalis v 27) feb 2011
Sanso-xtro – fountain fountain joyous mountain (digitalis 058v) feb 2011
William basinski – a red score in tile (streamline) feb 2011
Moritz von Oswald trio – horizontal structures (honest jon’s) feb 2011


Oystered radio 4, 5
January and February 2011 releases for EQ posts


Breaded chicken breast
Mach & cheese w/ cauliflower & carrot
Bean dip
Lemon rice soup
Chicken tikka masala
French fries
Egg salad

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Got To Get It Over

Quiet week on the web, culminating with the new Radiohead release.

Further investigation:

Mandelbrot & sky – OD_Axis (digitalis vinyl 27) radiant now 106
Ossining – I will be missed (digitalis vinyl 21) radiant now 100
Sanso-xtro – fountain fountain joyous mountain LP (digitalis) feb 2010


Hell, Rene – The Terminal Symphony CD + LP (Type)
Honig, Ezekiel – Folding in on Itself CD + LP (Type)
Lescalleet, Jason – Music for Magnetic Tape cass (arbor)
Moss – Moss (12k 2020) march 2011
Mueller, John – Alphabet of Movements LP (Type)
Panda bear – (kompakt)
Peaking Lights - Space Primitive one-sided 12” EP (Night-People)
Steps (Type)
Tape - Revelationes CD (HAPNA 044CD)

New this week:

Black eagle child / eureka – c49 (stunned no. 110)
Charlatan / Spare Death Icon – c42 (stunned no. 106)
Love cult / tempera – c46 (stunned no. 108)
Nite lite / waterfinder – Marjorie / the good heart c57 (stunned no. 111)
Summer tales / knit prism – c56 (stunned no. 107)
Torture corpse / architeuthis rex – c44 (stunned no. 109)


Ensemble economique – standing still facing forward LP (amish) jul 2010
Nicolas jaar – space is only noise (circus company 55) feb 2011
Tu’m – monochromes vol. 1 (line 40) june 2009
Eleh / ellen fullman – event locations / mind of no mind (important) dec 2010
Yuck – yuck (fat possum) feb 2011


Taylor deupree – shoals
Taylor deupree – live mapping
Tu’m – monochromes vol. 1 (line)
Broadcast – haha sound (warp)
Tomas bednarczyk – let’s make better mistakes tomorrow
Giuseppe ielasi – stunt (schoolmap)
Gregg kowalsky – tape chants (kranky)


Waiting for superman (documentary, Guggenheim “An inconvenient truth”)
Let me in (retelling of swedish “let the right one in”) vampire drama
Never let me go
Conviction (H. Swank, Juliette Lewis, based on a true story)


Venison/buffalo meatballs
Spicy Refried bean dip
Lentil spinach curry soup
Mexican garbonzo bean soup

Monday, February 14, 2011

Show of Strength

Lost weekend from hell: ice fishing. The short version: minnow dump, dulled auger blade – no replacement blades. Next day: truck gets stuck in snow in cemetery, no nice sized perch. And today my body feels like I played NFL football. Tired and sore.


Ken Camden – lethargy & repercussion LP (kranky 210) march 2010
Bellows – handcut LP (planam) aug 2010
Cindytalk / Robert hampson – 10” (eMego) may 2010
Stephan Mathieu – a static place (12k) feb 2011
Klimek – movies is magic extended LP (anticipate) april 2010
3/4hadbeeneliminated – oblivion (die schachtel)
Bill orcutt – a new way to pay old debts + 7” + 4 (eMego)


Pantha du prince – black noise (XI Versions) w/ mortiz von, walls, Lawrence, four tet, sight below, jost, etc.)
Prefuse 73 – the only she chapters (warp)
Makoto Kawabata – white summer of love dreamer (blackest rainbow)
A – II 2LP (die schachtel)
Ratti, Nicola – 220 Tones CD (die schachtel)
Ambarchi Pupillo – Frizione LP (die schachtel)
Mathieu, Stephan – to describe George Washington bridge 10” (dekorder)
Machinefabriek & gareth davis – ghost lanes LP (dekorder)
Astral social club – generator breaker LP (dekorder)
Rishaug, Alexander – shadow of events LP/CD (dekorder)
Six organs of admittance – asleep on the floodplain (drag city)
Higgins, Gary - A Dream A While Back CD (DC 464CD)


Stephan Mathieu – a static place (12k)
Kassel jaeger – aerae (senufo)
Autistici – volume objects (12k)
Sun kil moon – admiral fell promises (caldo verde)
Eliane radigue – jouet electronique / elemental I (alga marghen) jan 2011
3/4HadBeenEliminated – oblivion (die schachtel) jan 2011
Motion sickness of time travel – the veil of unconsciousness (digitalis) jan 2011
Sic alps – napa asylum (drag city) jan 2011
Bill orcutt – a new way to pay old debts (eMego)
Stephan Mathieu + taylor deupree – transcriptions (spekk)
Taylor deupree – shoals (12k)
Ken Camden – lethargy and repercussions (kranky)
Frank bretschneider – komet (shitkatapult) feb 2011


Kassel jaeger – aerae (senufo editions 5)
Eliane Radigue – jouet electronique / elemental 1 (alga marghen) jan 2011
Scorch trio – melaza (rune grammofon) dec 2010
Wolfgang voigt – du must nichts sagen 12” (profan 34) jan 2011
Wolfgang voigt – umbau 1 12” (protest 03 / profan) jan 2011
VA – Tasogare : Live in Tokyo (12k 2019) feb 2011
Mogwai – rano pano / hasenheide 7” (sub pop 918) jan 2011
Mogwai – music for a forgotten future (the singing mountain) bonus disc w/ hardcore feb 2011
Vanessa rossetto – mineral orange (kye) nov 2010
Mogwai – Mexican grand prix 7” (rock action) jan 2011
Dum dum girls – he gets me high (sub pop) feb 2011
Peaking lights – 936 (not not fun 217) feb 2011
Ken Camden – lethargy & repercussion LP (kranky) march 2010
Jason lescalleet – fantasy & electricity7” (kye)
Mark templeton – sea point 12” (anticipate)
Rainbow Arabia – boys & diamonds (kompakt) feb 2011


Chicken thai noodle
Cincinnati chili
Fresh fish sandwich
Chicken & dumplings
Tuna bagel

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Too Much is Not Enough

Not much to say this week. Haven't felt good all week. Continued the bad cold, then just sort of started feeling off (too much caffeine? not enough caffeine?).

February rolls on... Looking like another arctic plunge - highs in low double digits, low single digits. Here we go.

Lots of great music though. Too much to even listen to.


Shackleton - Deadman 12" (HJP 052EP)
Shackleton - Fireworks/Undeadman 2x12" (HJP 053EP)
Von Oswald Trio, Moritz - Horizontal Structures CD (HJR 054CD)
Implodes - Black Earth CD (KRANK 156CD)
Noveller – Desert Fires (weird forest)
Eternal Tapestry – Beyond the 4th Door (thrill jockey)
Sanstro-Xtro – Fountain Fountain joyous Mountain (digitalis/dial square)
Cleared - cs (dial square)


Broadcast – Tender Buttons (warp)
Graham Lambkin & Jason Lescalleet – Air Supply (Erstwhile)
Ekkehard Ehlers & Paul Wirkus – Ballads (Staubgold)
Aethenor – En Form For Bla (vhf)
Seefeel – Seefeel (warp)
Seefeel – Faults (warp)
Ducktails – III: Arcade Dynamics (Woodsist)
Caboladies – Psychic Birthmark
Caboladies – Optopio
Pop Ambient 2011 (kompakt)
Caboladies – Body Tides
Stephan Mathieu & Ekkehard Ehlers – Heroin (Brombrom)
Jodi cave – for myria (12k)
Taylor Deupree & Christopher Willits – Listening Garden (L_ine)
Giuseppe Ielasi – August (12k)
Savvas Ysatis & Taylor Deupree – The Sleeping Morning (12k)
Autistici – Volume Objects (12k)
Willits & Sakamoto – Ocean Fire (12k)
Caboladies – Psychic Birthmark
Cabolabies – Earth Canal (students of decay)
Tim hecker – ravedeath 1972 (kranky)
Frank bretschneider – komet (shitkatapult) feb 2011
VA – SMM : Context (ghostly) feb 2011
Eternal tapestry – beyond the 4th door (thrill jockey) feb 2011


Fabio Orsi – Stand Before Me Oh My Soul (Preservation) jan 2011
Seefeel – faults EP (warp) sept 2010
Caboladies – Psychic Birthmark (slow tapes) may 2008
Caboladies – Optopio (rampart tapes) 2007
Caboladies – Body Tides (mountain) sept 2007
Pop ambient 2011 (kompakt) jan 2011
Stephan Mathieu – a static place (12k 1064) feb 2011
Andreas tilliander – show rmxs 2010
Deaf Center – Owl Splinters (type) feb 2011
Jazkamer – chestnut thornback tar (type) feb 2011
Tim hecker – ravedeath 1972 (kranky) feb 2011
VA – SMM: Context (ghostly international) feb 2011
Area c – map of circular thought (preservation) jan 2011
Juv – juv (miasmah) feb 2011
Eternal tapestry – beyond the 4th door (thrill jockey) feb 2011
Sean mcccan – fountains (roll over rover) jun 2010


Jambo beans and rice
Chicken thai soup
Potato leek soup
Morrocan stew