Saturday, January 29, 2011

Slow Nerve Action

Huge Papa Sprain jag today. Found some bonus tracks, live show, and demos. Uploaded Tech Yes to Friendsound blog.

Huge Caboladies kick today. Talked to kirk about beer (yay)!


Tape - Revelationes CD (HAPNA 044CD)
Rainbow Arabia - Without You 7" (KOM 225EP)


Gregg Kowalsky – Tape Chants (kranky) july 2009
Asuna + Opitope – Sunroom (Students of Decay)
Destroyer – Kaputt (merge) jan 2011
Ryonkt – past memory and image (students of decay) nov 2010
Robag wruhme – mix (kompakt) jan 2011
Super minerals – the hoax (stunned) jan 2011
Minutiae – (stunned) jan 2011
Mogwai – hardcore will never die (sub pop) jan 2011
Matthew friedberger – napoleonette (thrill jockey) jan 2011


Aethenor – en form for bla (vhf) jan 2011
Matthew Friedberger – Napoleonette LP (thrill jockey) jan 2011
Destroyer – “The Laziest River” vinyl bonus track (merge) jan 2011
Bardo Pond – s/t (fire) jan 2011
Papa sprain – demos
Papa sprain – peel session
Papa sprain – live @ the marquee ‘91
Jefre cantu-ledesma – two suns (root strata)
Celer – poulaine (students of decay) oct 2009
Jatoma – little houseboat remixe (kompakt) 216) jan 2011
Mokira – bias line 7” (ideal)
Super minerals – the hoax (stunned no. 104) jan 2011
Sebastien bouchet – fallen angel (kompakt 218) nov 2010
Walls – gauberdine rmx (kompakt digital 10) October 2010
Simon scott – silenne (slaapwel) nov 2010
Seefeel – s/t (warp) jan 2011
Caboladies – Constellation deformity (smooth tapes) may 2009
Carl Calm (caboladies) – Dayglo Port (dekorder 45) October 2010
Sun circle – sun circle (autumn/lichen) December 2008


Barney’s Version
Blue Valentine


Taco salad
Lentil spinach soup
Hot dogs

Monday, January 24, 2011

Standing Up Straight

Jeff and holly visit for a two night stay. Lots of playoff football, soup, Indian food, snacks, jokes, etc. Toy Story 3 from Netflix.

More snow and the coldest temps of the season so far expected later this week. Lake effect advisory from Thurs-Fri along with arctic air. It’s been so dark and cloudy during the day, not noticing the sunlight change so much in the morning or the evening this week.

I’m predicting Packers (vs. Bears) and Jets (vs. Steelers) in this year’s Big Game.

Wednesday focused heavily on burning CDs that have been mounting: missed 2010 releases, new, January 2011 releases and some loose ends in general. Cleaned up Superlongevity Five (and burned on three unmixed CDs in vinyl running order), Ielasi Stunts.

Other focus musically this week has been on Students of Decay (Ryonkt), Opitope, Asuna, Senufo Editions, Spekk, Chihei Hatakeyama, Jefre Cantu Ledesma (“Black is the Colour” and the “Within Mirrors” DVD), the latter still available from Mimaroglu. Might have to bite on that and the new Gregg Kowalsky on Senufo Editions when Keith gets it in (or, if, hopefully).


Better quality Barn Owl & Infinite Strings Ensemble – Headlands (Important)
Dag Rosenqvist & Simon Scott – Conformists (music for a film) (low point) dec 2010
Waiting for Erik to drop full Robag Wruhme mix on Kompakt
“Killin’ the Vibe” Ducktails feat. Panda Bear courtesy Rick
Students of Decay first quarter 2011 mix courtesy Rick
Disappears – Lux (kranky) april 2010
Disappears – Guider (kranky) jan 2011
Jefre Cantu-Ledesma – Bloodstream Sermon (arbor) feb 2010
Minoru Sato + Asuna – One as Two (senufo editions #4) july 2010
Fabio Orsi – Winterreise (slow flow rec) march 2010
Jefre Cantu-Ledesma – Floating Weeds (Twonicorn) august 2006
Ryonkt – Small Converations (Experimedia) nov 2009
Minoru Sato + Asuna – Texture in Glass Tubes and Reed Organ (spekk) sept 2007
Kyle Bobby Dunn – Por Les Octaves (peasant magick) jan 2011
Bv dub – the art of dying alone (glacial movements) jul 2010
Minutiae – plane sight (stunned) jan 2011

Further investigation:

Jüppala Kääpiö - sporing promenade (omnimemento) cookshop may 2010
Jüppala Kääpiö – rainbow mask (omnimemento) deleted scenes may 2010
Jüppala Kääpiö – tomentum totem (peasant magik) november 2010
Chihei Hatakeyama – The Secret Distance of Tochka (boid) oct 2009
Chihei Hatakeyama – Variations (soundscaping) oct 2010
Kyle Bobby Dunn – Rural Route no. 2 (standard form) august 2010
Ryonkt – North Small Town (Hibernate) may 2010
Ryonkt – Window to the Room (Under the Spire) jan 2010
Jefre Cantu-Ledesma – Black is the Colour of my True Love’s Hair (static caravan) dec 2006
Jefre Cantu-Ledesma – Voice Sutra (Root Strata 01) 2005 I’ll Read You A Story
Jefre Cantu-Ledesma – Within Mirrors DVD (students of decay) September 2010
Jefre Cantu-Ledesma – Constellations of Spring (Root Strata 13)
Jefre Cantu-Ledesma – Two Suns (Root Strata 04)




New Senufo editions (#9 – Gregg Kowalsky)
New Panda Bear on Kompakt
New Stephan Mathieu on 12k (and Line)!!!


Taylor Deupree & Stephan Mathieu – Transcriptions (Spekk)
Students of Decay – First Quarter sampler 2011
Fabio Orsi – Winterreise (Slow Flow) march 2010
Jefre Cantu-Ledesma – Bloodstream Sermon (arbor) feb 2010
Asuna + Opitope – Sunroom (Students of Decay) march 2010
Oystered 3
Oystered 4


All Good Things
Another Year
Rabbit Hole


The Social Network


Peanutty soba noodles
Mexican (garbonzo) bean soup
Chicken thai soup
Tomato thai soup + grilled cheese
Chicken soup w/ dumplings

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Clear Light / Clear Rush

where is the sun???

the piliated woodpecker seems to be making regular, daily visits to the backyard. gotta get a picture.

start compiling year end list/mix CD for friends for the end of 2011. stay on it!!!

jeff and holly coming. supposed to get 5" - 9" of snow. playoffs.

continued checking year end lists on line.


bardo pond - bardo pond 2LP (fire) january 2011
mokira - bias line 7" (ideal 065-7) jan 2011


ensemble economique - psychical (not not fun) oct 2010
ducktails - III: Arcade Dynamics (woodsist) jan 2011
messages - before after (de stijl) april 2010
golden retriever - 2 (bucket factory) june 2010
pale blue sky - shades of grey (arbor) february 2010
pale blue sky - souvenir (jugular forest) march 2010
mogwai - hardcore will never die but you will (sub pop) jan 2011
gate - a republic of sadness (ba da bing) aug 2010
1958-2009 - III (ekhein) jun 2010
earn - in a year (jugular forest) mar 2010
kevin drumm - s/t (thin wrist) may 2010
robag wruhme - Wuppdeckmischmampflow CD INCOMPLETE (KOMP 084CD) jan 2011
motion sickness of time travel - seeping through the veil of the unconscious (digitalis ltd vinyl 032) jan 2011
fursaxa - mycorrhizae realm (atp) mar 2010
dead c - patience (ba da bing) oct 2010
beach house - teen dream (sub pop) jan 2010

search for higher quality:

Eleh - Radiant Intervals
robag wruhme - Wuppdeckmischmampflow

more search:

from dusted / jon dale:

Saint Etienne - Tiger Bay, Good Humor, Finisterre and Tales From Turnpike House deluxe reissues (Heavenly)
Mount Kimbie - Crooks and Lovers (hotflush) july 2010
beach house - teen dream (sub pop) january 2010
hisato higuchi - henzai (family vineyard) nov 2010
dead c - patience (ba da bing) october 2010

dusted / brad lebonte

david maranha - antarctica (roaratorio) march 2010

dusted / cole goins

Mi Ami – Steal Your Face (Thrill Jockey)

from soundeyet:

42. messages - after before (destijl)
32. high wolf - 'shangri l.a' (maomoo) july 2010 & 'ascension' (not not fun)
31. suum cuique - midden (young americans) aug 2010
30. fursaxa - mycorrhizae realm (atp) march 2010
27. kim doo soo - evening river (p.s.f. / blackest rainbow)
24. group inerane - guitars from agadez vol. 3 (sublime frequencies)
22. ignatz - mort aux vaches
21. pete swanson - where i was
18. moritz von oswald trio - live in ny
4. swans - my father will guide me up a rope to the sky
3. gate - a republic of sadness
1. the dead c - patience

from Nature unveiled:

Sun City Girls - Funeral Mariachi
Daniel Higgs - Say God
Hype Williams
Forest Swords - Dagger Paths
Zola Jesus - Stridulum/ Valusia
Gary War - Police Water
Sean McCann - Fable Shop/Fountains/Open Resolve
Bill Orcutt - A New Way To Pay Old Debts
Games - That We Can Play (the rejected soundtrack to Tron Legacy's original incarnation: Tron 2D: Digital Beach Party)
Golden Retriever - 2

from The Wire:

01 Actress - Splazsh
03 Swans - My father will guide me up a rope to the sky
06 Rangers - Suburban tours
11 Sun City Girls - Funeral mariachi
12 Annette Krebs & Taku Unami - Motobachii
26 Bellows - Handcut
28 Hype Williams - s/t
37 Moon Wiring Club A spare tabby at the cat's wedding
40 Jailbreak - The Rocker
42 Pedestrian Deposit - East fork/North fork
43 Group Inerane - Guitars from Agadaz vol 3

avant rock:

Expo 70 Where Does Your Mind Go? (Immune)
Sun Circle Lessness (Arbor Infinity)


Kangding Ray Pruitt Igoe (Raster-Noton)
Nest Retold (Serein)

outer limits:

Sculpture Rotary Signal Emitter (Dekorder)

from uaxuxtum:

22. Sean McCann - Fountains
19. 1958-2009 - II (ekhein)
17. Silver Bullets - Città Invisibili (stunned)
16. Rene Hell - Baroque Arcade
10. Thee Oh Sees - Warm Slime
07. Sundrips - Slow Futures
01. Rangers - Suburban Tours

From the radiant now:

11. Tuluum Shimmering – Flowers Are Offered
10. Svarte Greiner – Penpals Forever (and Ever)

From scrapyard forecast:

2. pale blue sky - shades of grey (arbor) feb 2010
5. mark mcguire - off in the distance (cylindrical habitat modules) july 2010

from Basic Sounds:

Pawel – Pawel (Dial)
BV Dub - The Art of Dying Alone (Glacial Movements)

from Killed In Cars

9. Ajilvsga – The Origin of the Chaul 4xcass (Dial Square Tapes)
12. Demdike Stare – Liberation Through Hearing (Modern Love)
19. Gate – Republic of Sadness (Ba Da Bing!)
20. ANBB – Mimikry (raster-noton)

from Boomkat

21. Radio People (sam Goldberg of Emeralds) – s/t LP (digitalis)
29. Dolphins into the Future – Ke Ala Ke Kua (kraak)3
51. Demdike Stare – Forest of Evil (Modern Love)
78. Sun City Girls – Funeral Mariachi (Abduction)

Reissues #48. Kevin Drumm – s/t 2LP (Thin Wrist)
Compilations #4. Demdike Stare – Osmosis (Demdike Stare)
Other lists: Demdike Stare – Voices of Dust (Modern Love)

from glowing raw:

16. Omar Khorshid - Guitar El Chark (sublime frequencies)

from Headphone Commute:

Demdike Stare – Voices of Dust (Modern Love)
Moritz Von Oswald Trio – Live In New York (Honest Jon’s)
Vladislav Delay as Sistol – On the Bright Side (Halo Cyan)
Gultskra Artikler – Galaktika (Other Electricities)
Anders Ilar – Stories Of Old (Yard Rec)
Shed – The Traveler (Ostgut Ton)
bvdub – The Art of Dying Alone (Glacial Movements)
Chris Abrahams – Play Scar (Room40)

more stuff to try and find:

Barn Owl & the Infinite strings ensemble - headlands (important) jan 2011


create Pop Ambient playlist

check out:

Ferarro - Marble surf, heaven's gate, clear, and discovery.

check out on line:

students of decay 1st quarter stream:
digitalis early '11 stream:


BJ Nilsen & Stillupsteypa - Space Finale (eMego)
Ekkehard Ehlers & Paul Wirkus - Ballads (staubgold)
Fabio Orsi & Valerio Cosi - Thoughts Melt in the Air (Preservation)
Ambient not not Ambient (audio dregs)
Zelienople - Land of Smoke (root strata)
Koen Holtkamp - Make Haste (a room forever)
Gas - Nah und Fern (vinyl bonus track)
Vladislav Delay - Anima (reissue bonus track)
Four Tet - Ringer (domino)
Ensemble Economique - Psychical (not not fun) oct 2010
messages - before after (de stijl) april 2010
golden retriever - 2 (bucket factory) june 2010
pale blue sky - shades of grey (arbor) february 2010
gate - a republic of sadness (ba da bing) aug 2010
1958-2009 - iii (ekhein)
pale blue sky - souvenir (jugular forest) mar 2010
earn - in a year (jugular forest) mar 2010
kevin drumm - s/t 1st (thin wrist) june 2010
sic alps - napa asylum (drag city) jan 2011
bv dub - tribes at the temple of silence (home normal) jan 2011
concern - caesarean (slow flow)


watched Speaking in Code on Pitchfork about David Day, FE, techno.

Ebert's top 10 from 2010:

1. the social network
2. the king's speech
3. black swan
4. i am love
5. winter's bone
6. inception
7. the secret in their eyes
8. the american
9. the kids are all right
10. the ghost writer


Macaroni & Cheese
teriyaki chicken w/ soba noodles
egg salad

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

So Far

Busy checking year end lists/charts from: Dusted, Boomkat, Root Blog, Wire, OM, AQ, VT, and other blogs. Didn't think I'd fall for it this year, but did.

***remember to check out the two latest Oh Sees records on In The Red.

Brief interest in grabbing all the SYR records - the 9th installment is due out in February.

Just learned about new NFL overtime rules for the playoffs. Sounds like a good adjustment.

The sun seems to be - I should say 'light' - seems to be lasting longer in the evening - about 5:30pm. "Sunrise", however, is stuck at 8:20am. Been cloudy as hell for nearly 2 months straight ~ no joke.

Saw the piliated woodpecker twice this week, once being on new year's day. gotta mean good things, right?

Gotta get with Rick about *the big idea*


September Wire, 2009 (David Sylvian cover)

Grabbed this week:

Root Strata Winter Solstice Mix jan 2011
Graham Lambkin & Jason Lescalleet - Air Supply (Erstwhile) oct 2010
Michael Pisaro & Taku Sugimoto - 2 Seconds, B Minor, Wave (Erstwhile) nov 2010
Mark Fell - Multistability bonus 7" (Raster-Noton) nov 2010
King Tubby & the Dynamites - Sound System International (Pressure Sounds) 2009/1976
BJ Nilsen & Stiluppsteypa - Space Finale (editions DeMego) aug 2010
Geoff Mullen - A Dust Futures (digitalis) nov 2010
Mike Shiflet - Llanos (editions shiflet) oct 2010
Alvin Curran - Under The Fig Tree / The Magic Carpet (Die Schachtel) march 2010
Catherine Christer Hennix - Radio show broadcast on Dutch National Radio station De Concertzender, June 6, 2005

still want:

alice coltrane (root blog)
bv dub - the art of dying alone (glacial movements)
bv dub - a silent reign (styrax)
dolphins into the future - ke ala ke kua (kraak)
bill orcutt x2
singer - unhistories (drag city) march 2008
soft circle (black dice guy + ben vida) - shore obsessed (post present medium) january 2011
jason kahn - vanishing point (23five)
oren ambarchi & keith rowe - treatise (alga marghan)
andrew chalk & daisuke suzuki - in faxfleet clouds uplifted autumn gave passage to kind nature (faraway press)
barn owl & infinte string ensemble
scott tuma stuff
ensemble economique - psychical (not not fun)
sun circle
scorch trio - melaza
within mirrors
Nicolas Bernier - The Dancing Deer (home normal)
pine smoke lodge
padang food tigers
tuluum shimmering
sean mccann


Stephan Mathieu - (line)
Fabio Orsi - (preservation)
Starfuckers - (holy mountain) reissue
Belong - (kranky)
Pop Ambient 2011
Robag Wruhme - (kompakt)
Bill Orcutt - A New Way to Pay old Debts + 7" +4 extra (eMego)

Listened to this week:

Belong - Colorloss Record (St. Ives)
Janek Schaefer - Extended Play (Line)
Jim O'Rourke - The Visitor (Drag City)
Akira Rabelais - Caduceus (Samadhisound)
Superlongevity 5 (Perlon)
Mike Shiflet - Llanos (Editions Shiflet)
Sohrab - A Hidden Place (Touch)
Root Strata Winter Solstice Mix
Six Organs of Admittance - Shelter From The Ash
Graham Lambkin & Jason Lescalleet - Air Supply (erstwhile) oct 2010
Graham Lambkin & Jason Lescalleet - The Breadwinner (erstwhile) march 2008
Alvin Curran - Under the Fig Tree / The Magic Carpet (die schachtel) march 2010
King Tubby & the Dynamites - Sound System International (Pressure sounds) 2009/1976

Don't forget about:

Six Organs' Luminous Night
Ethernet - 144 pulsations (kranky)

Boomkat friday 1/7/11:

joseph hammer - i love you, please love me too (pan) mar 2010
eliane radigue - jouet electrnique / elemental 1 (alga marghen) jan 2011
bv dub - tribes at the temple of silence (home normal) jan 2011

Food this week:

Mexican garbonzo bean soup w/ queso fresco
Black Bean soup w/ salsa
Quinoa with soy sauce


mid 2011:

North Peak: Furry
Grizzly Peak: Humungous, Berserker & Hellion.

Films to check out:

Somewhere (Sofia Coppola)
127 Hours